Meetup With A Faceless Stranger: Wolf Edition (12)

my sexy Wolves out there…

I know you bum rushed the Hybrid’s post…
I should give you all spankings.

But let’s see what you would do with this number if you met him online…

…what would you do with him on the first meet?

and do you think he would be feelin’ you?

Honesty gets you 10 points.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Meetup With A Faceless Stranger: Wolf Edition (12)”

  1. #whoisjamarifox :^so you would never smash a fem Fox?I hear they let loose on the dick.

    I can’t front, I jii dated a fem fox for a minute. Well, not all the way ‘cunt,’ but definitely a little soft. He knew he was a man though. That lil boy threw DOWN, ya heard me? And he had a nice body, so…I can see it.

    He looks a lil fem too; either way, I’m smashing that. I pray he has cakes. Now when you start masc & give me Leyomi drops? Then we have a problem.

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