Karrueche Gets Some Sense ( You Can’t Trust Dese Hoes )

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 6.33.20 PMsomeone give karrueche a round of applause.
she finally woke up and smelled the “absolute disrespect”.
i think.
you know she falls back to the okey doke weeks later.
well i think she finally gave chris brown the peace sign emoji.
team breezy might be next.
the thing that bothered me about this whole story tho…

these she-jackals ran in the same circles!
taking selfies and shit.
how fucked up is that?
better yet,
and it gets better,
but the fact this goldi-thot told some other wolf he was the father:

the whole situation:

smh-oprah_zps89b5149bthese hoes definitely ain’t loyal.
how ironic is that song now?
this is why you can’t be tellin people how good ya wolf is.
how he be fuckin’ ya brains out.
how ya pockets never empty.
you don’t know who is a jackal plottin’.

“They heard about his good sex and long erections
Nice complexion, Magnums for protection
They even heard about his tongue game
How the nigga gave brain ain’t stopped ’til the cum came…”

“It’s the ones up in ya Prom picture
Salon with’cha
Now they wanna creep in ya mans jeep…”

giphy-1i’m trying to tell ya.
i do feel a little sorry for karrueche tho.
she tried to see the good in her wolf.
we all saw the truth.

lowkey: this made chris brown look real unattractive.
this all looking like a nice dose of karma tho.
he ain’t ever gonna be able to live this down.

i wonder where his defense team is at?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Karrueche Gets Some Sense ( You Can’t Trust Dese Hoes )”

  1. Ok, so it looks like the mom really thought the baby was ol boys but when they had the paternity test, it was revealed that it wasn’t so she remembered that she also let Chris hit it raw and had him tested and it came back a match.

    Meanwhile, Chris was on everybody’s radio singing, “These hoes ain’t loyal” when all this was going down and he was being one of the biggest ho outchea. Talk about ironic.

  2. Go on somewhere wit that K-Swiss. If you kept coming back after all he has done, why would this stop you? This is the straw that broke the camels back huh?

  3. Oh and the baby mama is a low down sneaky thot to smile, party and hang with Karruchea like all is cool but as soon as she gets Chris by himself, she fuking and suking him dry. Basic bird.

  4. If I was Karrueche I would be suspicious to let any of my female friends around my boyfriend who’s Chris Brown. We all know how hormones are these days

  5. She will take him back. He will give a sob story….and she’ll come back running.
    But this will not change him one bit. If it does, I will be the first to admit I’m wrong. He was on the radio not too long ago talking about bangin’ Karruche & Rihanna raw at the same time…trying to knock them both up at the same time. All this fucking around raw…what is wrong with these dudes?!!

    Chris is crying out for help. On another note, I feel bad for the other guy. Not sure if he was just saying all of that to garner sympathy (and some ass…’cause you know the offers will be there), but if it’s sincere, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

    I had a “friend” (and I use that term loosely) who unbeknownst to me, was messing around with a married chick (who I went to high school with). She was pregnant, and everyone believed the baby to be her husband’s. Turns out that wasn’t the case. They did a DNA test and the baby girl belonged to my “friend” (he was actually my best friend at the time). When he told me I was shocked because I had no idea he was messing with her. When I asked him what was he going to do, he said nothing. So you destroy a marriage and have no plans to step in and take care of your responsibilities? Wow…Great character.

    1. Young black men nowadays don’t have respect or love for themselves or the women (or men) in the world these days. It’s all about popularity and how many people they can get to ride or die with them. I hate it though and then they add that their fathers wasn’t in their lives. Like how many daddyless sob stories are you going to hear before the year is out? I’m tired of the lack of parental control stories that are circulating in the black community.

  6. The only bad publicity is no publicity. Karrueche knows she only has a few cute years left. Watch. In 2030, K will be rich and C will be broke. C’s baby mama will be suing him for support that ain’t coming. Those who are hating on K or pitying her, should be taking notes. How many other people that he’s put his dick in, who have never done anything but take his dick, have been the subject of a blog post every few months for years?

  7. lol, this is one of the things that made Chris look unattractive? Chris has body and potential good pipe but it stops right there. All his extra shit makes him down right ugly.

  8. Chris is a low down, dirty dog for this. I hope that she Karruche doesn’t take him back but past behavior is an indication of future behavior.

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