jussie smollett sees your questions and raises you a statement

it’s pretty alarming the amount of controversy theories about jussie smollett.
the gp is split in half.
one side believes he was attacked a couple days ago.
the other side believes he is making it up/not telling the truth.
when i first heard it,
i’ll admit i felt he was set up.
it sounded too “planned”,
but not once did i question the validity of his claims.
i felt he was attacked,
but my inner fox wanted to sniff out an answer.
well jussie spoke out with a statement via publicist to “essence” today.
this is what he had to font

“Let me start by saying that I’m O.K. My body is strong but my soul is stronger. More importantly, I want to say thank you. The outpouring of love and support from my village has meant more than I will ever be able to truly put into words. I am working with authorities and have been 100 percent factual and consistent on every level. Despite my frustrations and deep concern with certain inaccuracies and misrepresentations that have been spread, I still believe that justice will be served.”

the thing is:

Why would he lie?

what would he have to gain?
he isn’t problematic.
he minds his business and uses his powers for good.
his career and reputation would be in shambles.
his story doesn’t seem to change,
as much as the others who have reported around him.
i feel like some don’t believe him because he’s black and gay.
if he was white and gay,
the narrative would be really different.
maybe even black and straight.
it’s hard to believe,
but how many blacks have been hung down south?
maybe they thought they could get away with it,
because it was cold and no one would be around?
i dunno.
this situation has opened my eyes to a lot of things and people tho.
i hope you peeped who may/may not have your back.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “jussie smollett sees your questions and raises you a statement”

  1. I always said when Black Lives Matters rallies for trans women who are murdered without coverage and gay men who are killed and brutalized, I’ll support them.

    It’s like you have to choose between being Black and Gay. I’m both and don’t feel support from either community.

  2. I still call bullshit.

    Bleach freezes at 21F. Did the cops say they smelled bleach? Cause even at that temp, you can prob smell ammonia, some loud😏, and bleach even THAT cold. No one said they had it but Jussie. Why is he not giving his phone for analysis to the Chicago police? Something’s not adding up. And another thing. I don’t appreciate ppl saying that its autimatically homophobic if you question his story. You can be gay, black, and still lie. Some of y’all act as if you are to not question a public situaition. At 2 am he was out for Subway’s in negative degree weather open faced? No covering at all? YES he was attacked, but I believe he is lying about the circumstances that led to that. Nobody can change my mind on that.

    He has nothing to gain, but a lot to lose if the truth comes out that is contrary to the story he’s putting out there. If it came out that he was hearing for a hook up, he loses his man (possibly) and now he’s a gay hoe. “Just like the rest of ‘em.” And now he’s a gay man who used bias against Trump supporters knowing that everyone will go with him cause every sane person hates MAGA. If it was for drugs, now he’s a functioning addict. He has a lot to lose in the court of public opinion if his story is false.

    1. The problem is theres been alot of embellishments. The original statement said some type of liquid chemical the blogs took that and ran with bleach!

    2. Yikes. I don’t what inner demon you’re battling but I hope you heal yourself before attempting to patholgize a man who is a victim instead of leaving the shame with the perpetrators.

      The fact that you choose to diminish his attack to a petty lie for some hookup… is telling of your character. You could’ve choose to believe, in which it costs you nothing. Instead you saw a black gay man hurt & attacked and you choose you completely nitpick a story that was never confirmed in the first place. The only thing that changed was each blogs interpretation of Jussie’s original statement. Jussies story stayed consistent. Which always backs up simply because of the letter that was sent to FOX studios threatening his life. Duh.

      It’s a fucking shame that there are people like you who exist in the LGBT spectrum who ruin every attempt at uniting because you are too stuck on your own self hate and misery.

      Sis. Take a break from comment sections and embrace therapy. Just because you’d be up searching for dick at 2AM doesn’t mean we all would.


    3. Quick question…what exactly do you @TheDarkMagician think the end game would be to all of this?

      Let’s play along and say that he was coming from a hook up gone wrong (so wrong apparently that he left with ROPE TIED AROUND HIS NECK) & let’s say that he used the fact that FOX STUDIOS RECEIVED A DEATH THREAT IN THE MAIL AGAINST HIM DAYS BEFORE to formulate this story…why did he do it? According to the NYT, Jussie didn’t call the police, his manager did…so why cooperate? When the police came he could’ve easily refused to speak to them about the incident and that’s all the police report would read.The headlines could’ve easily read “Jussie Smollett’s Manager Contacts Police After SUSPECTED Attack” and he could’ve gone about his life/career without ever addressing it head on. In his personal life, he could’ve gave any lie he pleased and blamed his not coming forward on fear. So why, instead would he subject himself to this? Why would he gamble more by speaking versus remaining silent? (Side Note: Jussie NEVER STATED BLEACH. NEVER. But just for the sake of playing along let’s say it was…do you realize how REMARKABLY EASY is it in to zip a small bottle of liquid into your jacket before going out in extreme temperatures and to take it out before using it…it’s not even remotely cumbersome…like at all…)

  3. I wonder if my latenight hookup theory may play a…. Nevermind.

    There’s one reason folks don’t believe him. He’s Gay. They think gays are dramatic and a part of this big agenda.

  4. If this was justin Timberlake every one includeing color folks would be a on there knees praying ready to march to Washington people are so so fake this is is why most assaults go un reported because the victim always is made to be the bad guy or girl

  5. I didn’t want to be that guy, but some things aren’t adding up for me. Do I believe he was attacked? Yes I do but the circumstances are foggy for me. Why he was out there when it was cold as hell. I hear some people think its possibly bad trick via app gone bad and that’s why he’s not giving up his phone. I hope he’s not lying, because something like that could be over look because he still was targeted.

  6. We all now the Kardashians are all about stunts and shows but when she was robbed nobody questioned that shit. #whiteprivilege.

    1. Oh come on.. Half of the GP question that robbery to this day and still believe she lied. The Daily Mail comments are full of white folks laughing at her because they didnt believe her.

  7. Lyfe has a point… There were a few hiccups but it blowed over like nothing. If anyone that lied about something, it probably was her at the time trying to get back in the spotlight of revelency.

  8. The problem is that we live in this millennial Instagram Snap chat world. And if there’s no video proof of things we poke all kinds of holes in this. All the people saying his story doesn’t add up have YET to give a good reason WHY HE WOULD MAKE UP SUCH ERRATIC EVENTS! That’s what doesn’t add up! WHY . Jussie ain’t up for an Oscar. He’s not performing at the Grammy’s. Hi and his family have been performing since they were children. And have ALWAYS been authentic. What possible reason would it be for him not to continue. It’s funny how eveyone can believe a Nicki/Cardi story, down to what each had said, it when it comes to the defense of our own, some of ya’ll are ready to poke holes like Swiss cheese!

    1. Jussie does not come across as the type to lie about something like this. He comes across as a very genuine person and gives off good energy. I feel bad that people are questioning what happened to him. I initially thought someone set him up but I never thought he was lying.

  9. On a sidenote, Jamari have you ever considered a message board? I think it would be lit and you could call it “The Foxhole”. LSA has way too many white folks on their now pretending to be black.

  10. Until some substantial SOLID evidence is brought forward to corroborate his claims I will go on record as someone who is skeptical of this incident. Here’s just a few reasons why:

    1. He kept the noose around his neck for 45mins. Only took it off after the police arrived.

    2. Told police to turn off their body cameras. What Black man in America tells police to turn off cameras? As a Black man I WANT cameras on when I’m dealing with police because I don’t trust them!

    3. Jussie and his music manager Brandon both refused to let police examine their phones to verify Brandon’s claim that he overheard the attackers yell “maga country.”

    4. Cameras were everywhere in that part of town. WHY is there zero footage of Jussie and these attackers on camera as it happened?

    5. 2 am in the morning? Below 0 freezing temperatures? Liquid bleach? Two white racists yelling maga country in a city Donald Trump lost by nearly 90 percent?


      1. The facts that you claimed aren’t even facts. They’re rumored pieces from the event. Why would you believe evidence that wasn’t released by the the actual police department, which was VERY little.

      2. CAMERAS AREN’T ACTUALLY EVERYWHERE. And what control would Jussie have over placement of cameras, as if he owns city blocks, and surveyed the businesses to see which streets had cameras as to not support his claim.

      3. What rock have you been hiding under to think that insane Trump supporters are EVERYWHERE!! Including Chicago, where he’d already received death threats sent to his job.


  11. Jamari, I second the message board idea. Cypher Avenue has one but it’s mostly older tops that admin and they can be a bit “masc vs fems” there so it can be exhausting to read.

    Watching the reaction from other black gay men regarding Jussie has been eye opening for me as well. Like the good sis Zola said: “All my skin folk…”

  12. I think we should stop being crabs in a bucket, and wish the best for Jussie, who is a good entertainer. The race issue, the Smoillet family, mom is black and father is white. It doesn’t make a difference what his sexual preference is, he is a human being, talented, and has made his mark on the entertainment industry. What he does in his private life with whomever, it is no ones business. Remember what they did to Michael Jackson, and he is no longer with us, we need to learn to stop attacking each other, and that is real talk.

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