“hello fag…” was the first line in his email to me.

so the other morning,
i woke up pretty happy.
i made the foxhole confessions twitter,
which led to got a few hot confessions.
i love keeping the foxhole engaged so this seemed like a great idea.
that morning,
i went to the email to check to see how much confessions i got.
there was a few that i posted,
but then i saw one titled:

My Faggot confession

and it read like this

“Hello Fag, I’m here to drop a confession or two.

I’m extremely infuriated with how you promote homosexuality and homosexual debauchery on your blog. You’re so true, brutal, and unrelenting to this evil cause, inciting unnatural and depraved lust in the minds of many.

I really couldn’t care less for your incentive for all these, but KEEP IN MIND FAGGOT.
It won’t be long, Jamari, you would meet your demise real soon. Fag ass bitch! Ha!” – Chigozie Jc

now this person has sent me disgusting messages before,
but this one blew me away.
it made me really angry,
but i realized something shortly after.

there are many who read my foxhole for enjoyment,
some have supported me for years,
a few who can’t stand me,
and then there are those who are struggling within themselves.
in cases of the struggle,
its often a mirror that reflects who you are.
for someone to hate me because i’m a “faggot”,
they sure are invested in everything i do.

the next day,
after i launch something for my followers,

i was sent that email at 6:13am?

i’m glad those who are struggling can find solace within my words.
i would like you to know i come in peace.
i’m truly not the enemy you’ve created in your head.
i’ll say that i hope one day,
you can find the peace to be yourself.
i was once in your shoes,
but i wasn’t as extreme with my own rebellion.
if you feel any further issues that may need professional assistance,
please contact:


…and they’ll be able to help you further.

be blessed.

lowkey: the word “faggot” doesn’t bother me.
i’ve been called that and worse by my bullies.
it only stings when it’s used by someone i thought loved me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on ““hello fag…” was the first line in his email to me.”

  1. Wow! People are really crazy and they are showing their true colors these days. Don’t worry about it J, these fools will have to be judged at some point

    1. I see the stalker is now posting, happy it got attention. Like how serial killers are made celebrities in the media we have a choice: To shun evil or feed its appetite for energy wasted on it. I suggest everyone ignore it.

      Criminals always return to the scene of the crime. To threaten someone and have the audacity to dare speak again.

  2. Oh that would be me, and no I’m certainly not a closet case. Just like you’ve aligned your premonition into thinking every faggot hater is a repressed fag, I’m presumably a geniune exception. I hate y all homos die!

  3. Relax Jamari, you ain’t the only fag receiving my hate mails. I also e-mail the faggot CEO of Apple, whats his devilish name again? And many others!
    The aim is to incite you to kill your fucking selves.

    1. And yet you keep coming back here time and time again…🧐🤔. The lust in you must be strong and it’s 2019 no one cares if you come out of the closet and into your true self.

      But we thank you, because you help contribute to this websites views and help with gaining popularity. Instead of learning to mind your own damn business, your contributing to its success and helping someone who need Jamari’s words or support and encouragement.

    2. LMAO!!!!! You need something to do, and trying to get people to “kill themselves” ain’t it lol this is 2019 who is pressed over an email?!? You gotta do better, if folks can survive WSHH comments, you cnt got too much ah chance baby lol

    3. Ma’am. Something has to be wrong with you. You spend YOUR personal time sending hate emails to people you don’t necessarily like instead of just ignoring them like most people do. 🤔 I wish I would give people I don’t like that much power over me and my decisions.

  4. Hmmm, that name looks familiar. I remember him being homophobic but turned out to have acted in a gay movie or something.

    I hope you didn’t respond. Let this be the last acknowledgment you give him. Seeing as you have done nothing to him, you have nothing to fear. Karma will get him.

    He clearly stalks this website to send that when he did. How disturbing and mentally unstable. You can’t hate something you constantly give attention to. This will be the highlight of his sick day.

  5. By the way, based on his name HW us of Nigerian descent. Clearly he hates being gay and shunned by his family. Unlike you,he doesn’t have a network of people who care for and love him. Do not pity him. Plenty of people who are mistreated for being gay, don’t go around mistreating others. Do not excuse evil. The pathetic part is if the cops pulled up for his threat, he’d be crying and saying it was a joke.

  6. Jamari, this how I look at emails such as this, I note them for the police to keep tabs on. Cause you never know how sick people are in the mind these days. But this is the critical thing I try to remember, in order for someone to call me out on my so called crusade, they first have to be studying my works! So dear stalker, what is it about this subject that keeps bringing you back to the well to draw water? Is it enjoyment, your own lack of facing the truth about yourself? Because a normal human being shuns away from whatever repluse them.

  7. Jamari all you have to do is report his dumb ass tonauthorities they can track husband IP address and his life is ruined. He’s so stupid that he doesn’t understand how easy it is. I’ve never understood people who are so bothered by the way others live. Bruh you’re clearly dealing with inner issues if you think that attacking someone living his life brings you solace.
    Yeah that name is Nigerian but he could just use it to promote his fake hate (self pity) but as an african myself we don’t all come from families like these. Most Nigerians though do deal with issues of Masculinity. I’ve fucked so many of them that they have no testosterone left in them for that!
    Stay strong Jamari!

  8. He has to be a repressed homosexual. If by some slim chance he’s not gay then he’s probably confined to a home or apartment due to an injury or the legal system. Why else would an otherwise happy, healthy person do some sick shtt like this? By emailing you he’s either stupid or just overconfident in his belief that he won’t get caught. Or, he could be gambling that you are a closeted blogger who won’t consult with authorities. Jamari, what ever you decide to do in the wake of these threats please do it immediately. Leave nothing to chance!

  9. WTF? How does one “incite” “unnatural and depraved lust” in the mind of a person that wasn’t interested in the same activities they consider “unnatural and depraved”? I need to learn that trick…

    1. It’s funny, one of my friends use to have an instagram account that was dedicated to hot guys. He would show me all the supposed “straight” dudes that would accidentally follow the page and then unfollow the page once they realized they were following the account. I’m sure a lot of “straight” dudes are following this blog and they probably periodically send Jamari hate mail to try and convince themselves they are not gay. These are the same types that will have sex with a gay man and then beat the hell out of them once the guilt sets in.

  10. Why are y’all giving this closet case the queer attention he so desperately craves…??? I’ve realized with these types responding gives them what they want and by not engaging with them you take all the fun away…

  11. I, for one, am glad that the creep sent the email. Read to the end before you come for me; my verbal dragging skills are Master’s level.

    Hate is a powerful motivator, particularly when your hater is apparently one if your biggest stans. As others have said, for the email to go to the account that it did on the day that it did means that the hater is a far more staunch follower than I, a fan that MISSED the launch of Foxhole Confessions because “life happens”. This would be surprised if he has two accounts from which he posts, one where he is ALL FOR the leakage and foto footage and one where his guilt from said footage takes its toll, leading to his diarrhea of vitriol. Hell, one of the hotter confessions is prolly his!!!!

    Another reason I’m glad he is consistent in his hate is that repetition becomes pattern of conduct which becomes a crime pattern. Jamari, you SHOULD DEFINITELY archive EVERY email. Any concerning emails should be reported for your safety. As someone has said, IP addresses are traceable. It would put them on notice and, also, prove or disprove my first theory about two accounts. I would hate for this to be a “those calls are coming from in the house!!” moments, someone getting off on causes Drama or hysteria.

    While we like to disparage the intelligence of those that do what this idiot did and think of them as less than, the term criminal mastermind is a very real phenomenon. We don’t know what kind of technical skill this man has, and despite Jamari’s caution, this guy could be filled with enough hate to find him, although sending hate emails to one of the largest tech companies in the world is prolly not the brightest idea, especially if one is an iProduct user. Either way, “Forewarned is forewarned.”

    1. ^which is why i posted the email with his name.

      the moment something happens to me,
      i’ve left a trail of evidence leading to a potential perpetrator.
      he left evidence he harassed tim cook so that won’t look good for him either.

      1. ‘Romans 1 vs 26-28’
        Have you already read that area of the bible?
        You must realise that you’re terribly sick and need help, a sane human simply can’t rationalise homosexuality! It’s rubbish, and homos deserve to be thrown in some eternal dustbin (excluding lesbians, of course)
        And no, I certainly can’t hurt you. Apparently I mean, I’m ghastly over 6700 miles away in West Africa, dressed in my blazers, waist coat, nice pair of trousers, and trainers walking by block of flats through the motor way, and seeing stunning women smiling at me. There’s a reason God made woman soft and tender, and me, tough and hard. Ridiculous!

        Shall I go on?
        Life is terribly good when you are rather heterosexual! No HIV scare, no wearing of nappies due to leaking anus in old age etc
        Wrack your brain Muppet.

        Women are terribly every normal man’s own idea of bliss and you gentleman will most likely rot in hell for faggotry.

  12. Jamari, why are you giving that person energy!!!!! As much “women” like he claims is paying him attention, why is he giving you attention. I think you nee to befriend him and then fuck his brains out!!!! have him starving for more attention. It works!!! lol… seriously tho!!! do it!!

  13. Jamari why are giving that person energy!!!! As much “women” like he claims is paying him attention, why is he giving you atention. I think you should befriend him and then fuck his brains out!!!! have hiim starving for more attention. It works!!!! lol… seriously tho.. do it!!!!

  14. Jamari, I was the one who sent this email and back then I was battling with my own homosexuality. I’m really sorry.

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