want some baller meat this super bowl weekend? (let’s talk how to get some)

all the baller,

and singing wolves are down in atl for the super bowl this year.
the same one many claim they were protesting.
which means for those living down there,
or in the city for the weekend,
they’re probably in for a treat and some meat (if you’re lucky).
in a city like atlanta,
where hooking up with the good gays is top tier,
you might just end up being on top (or the bottom) of a good situation.
here are a few tips for scoring a winning touchdown…

1 – we “don’t” do lines

every hoe in a 4 block radius is trying to get some dick this weekend.
vixens are trying to get pregnant.
gays are trying to get a trophy or two for their walls.
i mean,
who wouldn’t?
you’re in competition with everyone else who is standing in line.
if you look real good,
and your fox/wolf/hybrid swagg is crazy like,
you might get chose from just standing there.
try to find out where the after party to the party is being thrown.
if you’re real connected,
ask who has the exclusive sex party invite.
remember: “celeb hosted parties” are paid events.
some are literally go and show face for 5 to 15 minutes.
they go to the real events in their texts/emails/invites after.
most of the dl will be supplied with endless pussy from party promoters.
it’ll be hard to truly stand out unless you have a good connect.
if you know someone who can get you behind the ropes,
this is the time to start sending kites.

2 – don’t fuck the bottom feeders

i don’t fuck the “errand peasants” and male groupies.
i fuck the star.
i’m a star in my own world so why would i lower my standards?
if i know that my person of interest is in the “life”,
that’s always who i’m aiming my foxtail towards.
if my person of interest is straight,
then womp womp.
i’ll turn my attention to the finest within the camp tho.

3 – slide in dms

ig is one gigantic hook up spot.
many of you are using it correctly.

like a few pics
send a dm
no nudes until asked

my groupie vixen friend said the early morning hours is the best time for hunting.
if you feel your target gets down,
peep his stories or snaps.
folks reveal where they are and what/who they’re doing if you pay attention.

4 – they may already have sex lined up already

the bigger names already have who they’re fuckin already on roster.

special connects have supplied them with pussy/dick/ass
“in state” fwb are on call
the married have already met up with their mister/mistress
some big names are planning to fuck the brains out of another big name

some big names are fuckin each other for contracts and deals this weekend.
a nut can lead to a career boost.
you can tell by who is hanging with who this weekend.
with such a big weekend,
it may be hard to land some of your dreams.
don’t count out those who may not have the clout already.
the lower tier celebs are easier since they are going for “the fun of it all”.
the attentionistos are usually spontaneous,
unless they been flown down there to get skeeted on by a bigger name.
it’s a gamble,
but that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with someone for the long term.
don’t count out who knows who foxhole.
for some,
this weekend is already mapped out.
may luck be on your side.



6 – all you might get is fucked

…and that’s it.
let’s say you meet someone of your ultimate dreams and fantasies.

they might only be able to give you some no strings attached dick

don’t go into this weekend looking for your husband.
if you had a uterus,
you might come out with a bastard cub in 9 months.
these type of weekends are usually “free for all fuckin” weekend.


you’ll probably hear a round of applause from all the cheek clappin in various hotel rooms.
if you can remember that,
while keeping your emotions in check,
you should be good.

7 – have fun

don’t make plans to fuck king james this weekend.
you’ll get your face cracked.
there are so many good looking males,
from different states,
all out there in atl for the experience.
go out and experience.
if you get some dick,
then “yay”.
if you don’t,
then “yay” too.
some of my best highlights have happened spontaneously.
i’ve ended up at “big time” cribs because someone i knew,
knew someone,
who hit them on some:

“yo where you at?
come thru at…”

…and i’m in a baller wolf/celeb/attentionisto crib on a whole “oh shit”.
i’ve been at someone spot and it turned into a party later.
those are the best because you’ll end up in a good situation.

like i fonted,
you never know who knows who and keeps it quiet.
folks who flex are usually try hards and want everyone to know they special.
these days i go for the fun of it and see where it leads me.
i haven’t been disappointed yet by those who i know.

so have fun this weekend andrepresent for the foxhole!
you can send me all of your ratchet anonymous confessions on monday.

lowkey: if i was down in atl this weekend,
i’d be moreso focused on the experience.
i want vip,
good times,
and a few memories.
i’d want to experience it as a celeb would tbh.

“eh” if i meet a wolf or not.
i’d be looking for the fun of it all.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “want some baller meat this super bowl weekend? (let’s talk how to get some)”

  1. my best friend is a customer service agent in Baltimore and he said there was literally a whole flight of strippers headed to ATL yesterday… said they “stopped traffic in the terminal” LMAO

    #goGetDatBagSis 😂😂😂

  2. Dammit I wish I could have went! I would love to get my hands on Saquon Barkley or Odell Beckham Jr. You know they gone have them signing them NDA’s all weekend!

  3. Shit, I need to figure out where these “exclusive sex parties” are. Hell, DIDDY is in ATL this weekend. So, YOU KNOW he got some shit poppin’. 💯💯💯

  4. Bruh! Nothing but the truth!…but keep that radar up for lurking, twerking, low lifes looking to expose and repose. J, you on it,mane! It can be the best experience…aint what I heard but what I know. If ya in the right crowd….yup

    1. So you’ve been to one of the “parties”? Elaborate on some of the activities that went down if you don’t mind and how does one meet the right people to get into the “party”?

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