Is That Coochie Even Worth Cuffin (Coochie, Coochie Cuffin)?

wolves love sex.
wolves also love vixens can be pretty, cook, and clean…
but if her coochie is wack: he will lose interest.
look at halle berry.
one of the most beautiful women in the world and can’t keep a man.
and word on the street is, she has had quite a lot of bone in her.
i had a conversation with a straight wolf yesterday and he made it clear.
if the coochie and head is wack,
he fades to black.
i was amused because he was dead serious.
shit, i feel the same way.
if the wolf has terrible pipe,
i’m out of sight.
(i love rhyming lol)

but, i took the conversation with me.
i started to wonder:

Is your boring butt cheeks keeping you from a Wolf?

ok, i got a question for the wolves.
remember him from this entry:

he has cakes that i know you want to take down.
add the fact those chocolate pound cakes have not been sampled yet.
so, you been imagining that you give him the type of dick that would have him addicted.

“I tell her cut off the phones, there’s nothing to interfere
She follow my every order do anything that I dare
I’m giving her everything so all my neighbors can hear it
Scream to her making her fiend more
We be making a movie they thinking it’s Scream 4″Meek Mill, Take U Home

let’s say you finally get him and it is time to lay that voodoo dick down…
…but he is absolutely boring.
he just lays there.
the head was so-so.
he doesn’t respond to anything you do.
he isn’t open to any positions than the standard.
every time you try to flip him over, he is lazy.
and worst, he doesn’t cream on that pipe like you like.
would you still bounce?

your turn.
let’s say he takes you down:

but he not trying to eat the booty,
he gets on top and does those corny “lick the lips/trying to be sexy” faces,
his stroke makes you sleepy,
and he cums too quick.
would you be done?

so, is porno star sex guaranteed to keep a someone interested?
putting the whole head, including the balls, a sure fire way to get in his head?
chad ochocinco admitted that evelyn has some good pussy.
but, she is an admitted ho who been sampled by a lot of wolves in the industry.
she was even in a nine year relationship,
putting up with all kinds of bullshit,
without a ring in sight.

so, i had to think is even having bomb wood/cakes an automatic lock down?
all these wolves putting these foxes, jackals, and hyenas online for their good cakes…
…and they not getting cuffed?
shit, are they even interested in anything outside if that?
it seems we have a lot of single hoes in this lifestyle,
but are we giving our good sex to people who do not deserve it?
but, shouldn’t we give them some sex that will make them stay?
we having these wolves pee on us,
cum on our faces,
and even fucking us in our ears so we can hear them cummin…
but, that’s it.
but, they get taken a little more seriously because they give up the goods faster (and raunchier).

so, i had to ask:

Can you keep the Wolf?Fox/Hybrid….
as long as you keep putting the “street corner hoe” kind of freak on him?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “Is That Coochie Even Worth Cuffin (Coochie, Coochie Cuffin)?”

  1. As a Wolf, my answer to the question about the lazy lover is, if I like the Dude, then we need to talk. Making him relaxed is very important, because once he’s relaxed, and you have showed him the way you like it, and talk to the dude and find out what turns him own that should do the trick – if he’s kinda new to SGL, he may need to be shown just how good his body can feel with a bit of effort on his part. That’s where experience comes into it’s own, cause once you turn that guy out, he’ll be cumming back for more! Looking at the picture, the guy got all the equipment he needs to be a first class power bottom. He just needs a bit of confidence and help.

  2. Yeah if you’re a bottom or verse and you’re wack in bed, you either haven’t been trained right or you’re not applying yourself.

    I don’t have that problem because my dual personality comes out in sexual situations and then I wake up in my bed with my drawls on backwards with no recollection of what happened…lol j/k. Dudes do say I appear to be into one sexual position a little more than the other.

    Even the “good boys” have been “trained” from a young age. You pick up stuff from past encounters and use a combo of all of it on the new ones until you’ve kind of developed a routine.

    Basically, bomb sex alone is not going to win anyone over (I think we’ve ALL learned that the hard way). Only thing good sex is going to get you is a bunch of “dick drunk” losers texting you at Ungodly hours asking you “wut u doin?”.

    Dudes who get bomb sex all the time are NOT going to be moved by yours and they’ll be on to the next.

    “Just wanna see what that pussy like so one time is fine with me” -Drake

  3. I’m going to be totally honest and say i cannot tell what exactly having “good ass” is. I figured it is all the same. Difference being friction, some are tighter than others. Thats about it. If it relates more to how well you respond to him, make eye contact, kiss, touch him, etc then that would make sense. I think my sex game is pretty good, not amazing yet. I get compliments from guys when they’re finished but im usually sitting there like… i kinda just laid there and eventually rode you so what exactly do you mean? I figured its good because they’re usually soooo attracted to me that any sort of contact is heightened.

    If a wolf has boring sex, I don’t think id be all that disappointed honestly. At least not if im really attracted to him. The standards are higher for less cuter men though. You need to wow me in bed. Bur I don’t value sex the way as most people. It feels good but its not enough to keep me around. There are a few disqualifiers though, like he doesn’t kiss or he doesn’t eat. If hes corny in bed (and a lot of wolves are but we just dont say anything!) id appreciate the fact that hes at least making an attempt. Ive slept with a guy who basically zoned out and didnt even realize i wasnt into it. I laid there staring at him and he was basically looking past me so to speak. I wasnt into him so of course it didnt last. He kept calling and texting though.

    I recognize that no matter how great my sex it is it is never enough to keep him around if he isn’t looking for a commitment. Men connect emotionally.

  4. Okay, I’m about to put myself ALL the way out there.

    The times I have topped dudes I have had trouble staying hard. I used to think maybe it was because I was a bottom, but my fascination with ass in general would make even The Man say “You really need to chill.”. Lol

    I guess you could say its because I was hooking up too much, but a lot of these bottoms are TOO trained.

    They want you to send several pics of your dicks on hard, then you come over and they just literally whip your dick out, suck it for a while, and toot their ass up.

    That may work with cavemen with an I.Q of less than 60, but I’m too intellectual for that. You’re going to have to do a little more to stimulate me than that.

    How about some eye contact?

    How about putting your lips somewhere besides my dick?

    I mean damn at least clean up the place a little. lol

    I pretty much know you’ve been trained like a hoe if you don’t even attempt to kiss me throughout the whole experience. I have kissable lips. Lol

    Maybe its the dudes I attract, but the dudes on the more top side of things have been better in bed by leaps and bounds compared to the bottoms without ever topping me. I mean like “my leg is numb and I’m trembling” kind off foreplay.

    I can kind of see why a lot of tops only fuck with tops.

    The aforementioned is my evidence I’m not a hoe, or in the very least not built like one. I just look in the wrong places.

    The defense rests. lol I’m done.

    1. It took a lot for you to admit that.

      S/N: Your love for ass must be out of control because I would never tell a dude to chill. LOL People can turn into wild animals when it comes to sex or anything sexual. Sort of like an alter ego.

    2. Bingo. A lot of men need to learn the meaning of intimacy and romance. And a lot of bottoms need to learn that just because your getting penetrated doesn’t mean you should be totally passive in the sex room.

    3. Jay….

      Incredible post.
      The reality is that not only are we sexual beings as men, but we often have attention spans that need to be stroked. The reason I am attracted to a man is because he is a MAN!. There are qualites and characteristics about him that arouse me, keep me, excite me. Not necessarily because my dick can get in his ass. But his masculinity, his voice, his ora, his smell, his presence, make my shit hard. If I want a woman, then I will get that. There are certain things about a woman that I absolutely love, and those characteristics are solely hers. I love her fragile demeanor (whether petite or thick), her breasts, her scent, her need to be protected by me….you know…..shit that makes a bitch a bitch (no offense).

      I love the way a woman’s pussy feels on my shit. But it cannot be compared to the way a man’s ass wraps around my shit. They are both incredible but different. They cannot be mixed. If I wants me some pussy or some ass, gotta know that they ain’t the same.

      Great post, as always nigga…

  5. Men are sexual creatures…we need it to survive. And it needs to be good. Not necessarily mind blowing porn star sex…but good enough to keep us comin back. And it’s more than just inserting and pumping…or bouncing and riding. There has to be some type of emotional connection between the two people. That’s what makes it so good.

    1. Emotional connection makes it good huh? Can’t we just use more astroglide?Lol

      One thing I’ve learned is while men may be emotional, not everyone is privy to the expression of those emotions.

      For example instead of a dude saying “I wish you would have called me.” He’ll stew about it for three days and when he sees the other dude again the only emotion he’ll be expressing is anger and annoyance, which in turn makes the other party defensive and their response is always “The phone works both ways. You didn’t hit me up either”. Then bam its ended before its even begun over silly shit, when one party could’ve broke down, picked up the phone, and put themselves out there and hopefully make the other party more comfortable to put themselves out there as well.

      What I’m saying is it takes a while for men to develop a real emotonal connection to each other because women aren’t involved to make us feel more at ease. Most aren’t willing to wait that long to fuck.

      1. Yeah, men have the hardest time connecting with their emotions, there expected not to in this society. So if your in a relationship with another man, that emotional availibilty becomes close to non-existent. Men need to learn how to express themselves and communicate and stop bottling shit up.

    2. Lol @ more astroglide. I prefer WET. Men definitely have a problem with their emotions in a relationship but you can tell if you have a connection with somebody during intercourse. I think it has a lot to do with the kissing and eye contact.

  6. To me it really doesn’t even matter if a dude is good in bed or not as long as he doesn’t paint me like Picasso. If we have a close bond along with a good relationship without any infidelity he’s in the clear. I definiely will have a conversation with him about it, but if he doesn’t do better that’s perfectly cool with me. Knowing that he’s trying his best is enough that will keep me satisfied because sex isn’t everything.

  7. Omg I couldn’t read anything else Jamari past those gifs of Roc and shay. I swear Roc is my dream wolf. I’m so fucking bothered now

      1. I agree but on the other hand she takes keeping her man to a whole other level. I love their relationship! Two freaks = a happy marriage

    1. Oh, so that’s who that is? I was so distracted by the positions he was doing in those gifs I could barely concentrate…he seems like he wouldn’t mind something in his walls lol

  8. First off that gif made me pretty horny lol! In my experience bad sex usually come from lack of communication or not feeling comfortable with that person. If the fox/wolf is not sexing you right…just let them know how to please you, especially if you are or trying to be in a relationship with tha t person. I love to mentally fuck my wolves before we get to the physical…it makes the session HOT! I use to date this wolf whose sex game was pretty boring. But once he got more comfortable with me and we communicated more dude was began to break me off proper lol.

  9. I’ve maintained that bad sex will ruin a good relationship, and good (or great) sex will prolong a bad one. While women like to talk ish out, men express themselves through their actions – and not just in bed. How he treats you reflects how he feels about you — the looks, touch, when/how he calls, etc.

    But an emotional connection definitely enhances the sexual chemistry. For me, I had the least amount of sex with the guy I fell for…I was so tempted to find some other azz, but we did talk & I tried to work it out. Turns out he was afraid of his feelings for me & (likely) getting some elsewhere, but…c’est la vie.

    I know I have both (emotional/sexual connection) with one of my exes now – which is why we can’t seem to leave each other alone lol

    But if I liked a guy, I’d try to show him some things to improve – if he’s not willing to be open & try, then we’d have a problem.

  10. First off that gif made me pretty horny lol! In my experience bad sex usually come from lack of communication or not feeling comfortable with that person. If the fox/wolf is not sexing you right…just let them know how to please you, especially if you are or trying to be in a relationship with tha t person. I love to mentally fuck my wolves before we get to the physical…it makes the session HOT! I use to date this wolf whose sex game was pretty boring. But once he got more comfortable with me and we communicated more dude began to break me off proper lol, but I needed more than good sex to keep me around. Moral of the story…you can fuck and suck like a porn but you have to bring more to the table to keep me around. So foxes make sure your stimulating both heads…the one with the brain and the one with the vein!

  11. If the sex is bad, that can be a problem. It is not a deal-breaker, just something that needs to be addressed. It could be that the last guy he was with enjoyed what he does, and vice versa. I like to take sex to a different level, especially if I’m really attracted to someone.

    Having no walls is a huge downfall.

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