Is That Coochie Even Worth Cuffin (Coochie, Coochie Cuffin)?

wolves love sex.
wolves also love vixens can be pretty, cook, and clean…
but if her coochie is wack: he will lose interest.
look at halle berry.
one of the most beautiful women in the world and can’t keep a man.
and word on the street is, she has had quite a lot of bone in her.
i had a conversation with a straight wolf yesterday and he made it clear.
if the coochie and head is wack,
he fades to black.
i was amused because he was dead serious.
shit, i feel the same way.
if the wolf has terrible pipe,
i’m out of sight.
(i love rhyming lol)

but, i took the conversation with me.
i started to wonder:

Is your boring butt cheeks keeping you from a Wolf?

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