I’m So Ugly That When I Get Sick, They Call The Vet

Some people are just ugly as hell.

I mean, lets be honest with ourselves.
There are people who are simply just not attractive.
For whatever reason though, they have the most positive and calming attitudes.
They know what they lack in looks, they use in swagger.
Look at Jay-Z for instance.
He is not the most attractive Wolf you would like to wake up too.
But, I met him and I was ready to slide my boxer briefs right off!
He was charming and funny as hell.
He MADE you feel like he was only speaking to you.
He may have “ugly” business practices to some, but you never know as you speak to him.

But what happens when people are just simply ugly on the inside?
No matter what their physical looks like, they are just disgusting.
They are out to harm everyone who crosses their path for whatever reason.
I started to wonder if God don’t like ugly…

Why do some people embrace it?

I am now “The Asshole“.

I am the biggest asshole who is the mayor of the town of Assholeton.
Population: 1.
But, I do not even consider myself to be an asshole.
Sure, I can be a little ignorant when I have to get someone in check, BUT it doesn’t take over my WHOLE shit.
Everyone who meets me always falls in love with me and my personality.
I was crowned this person by some of the people who “introduced” me to the industry.
I saw they were potentially using me and trying to control me.
They also saw I was the SHIT and making connections left and right.
Now, they are having fun slandering my name and making me out to be the bad person.
Yet, on many occasions, they showed me they were ugly on the inside.

“I’m so glad to have met you Jamari…
because you make me see the good in myself even when I do not feel like it.” – a text I got randomly.

Why is it some people are just nasty?
Why are some people just intent on being bad people?
Why are they often wrapped in pretty packages?
I’ll tell you why…
Their past.
People act the way they do because of their pasts.
Something happened down the line that caused them to become “ugly”.
Everything everyone does is for a reason.
You may never know the reason, but that mean attitude stems from somewhere.
It is just so defeating when you try to be a good person yourself and you are surrounded by ugly.
I have to NOT stoop down to being ugly myself since everyone already thinks I am beautiful.

Some people have walls up that make them ugly.
Some people have past trials that have made them ugly.
Some people are just evil inside, which just makes them ugly.
You never know why some people do what they do.
What kills me is this think that it OKAY to be an ugly person.
But, I started to wonder could this all be changed?
Are some people just ugly forever?
And if so, why don’t they move their asses to the swamp and leave us beautiful people alone?

That Fox who bashes gays, but secretly craves a hot dick in his ass…
The Vixen who feels threatened when another pretty female walks in the room…
The Fat Wolf who hates on anyone who is slim because when he backs up, he beeps….
The loner Hybrid who hates on the popular people because he can’t fit in….
Or, the Feminine Fox who thinks EVERYONE around him is gay and likes to call them out.

Again, everything is done for a reason.
Sometimes, YOU are the reason.

All you can do is do you.
But, what happens when everyone always shows their ugliness to you?
How do you stay a beautiful person amongst all the hate?
When it comes to the ugliness of and from others…

How do you not let it rub off on you?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “I’m So Ugly That When I Get Sick, They Call The Vet”

  1. I deal with ugliness every single day at work. I have learned to not let if affect me because I know that their ugliness is not a result of anything that I have done. It is just some personal shit that they are allowing to overtake their persona. Brush it off Jamari, and keep doing you. In the end, your happiness is what matters.

  2. How do I deal with ugliness? I make it clear that i am not the One. There’s a butch queen I work with who has a real nasty attitude and I realized this early and made sure she knew to keep it to herself. I use very commanding language and tone of voice if I have to speak to her. I look her dead in the eye when I speak. I wont avoid her or make it seem as if her presence somehow makes me uncomfortable. If we are in the same room I act as if she is invisible. People think its okay to be an ugly person because no one stops them. There are no consequences for their actions do they don’t change.

  3. Confrontation is the next best thing aside from sex and food to me. I don’t run from it and I never have.

    The thought of making my opposition (whoever that may be) submit to me makes my dick hard to be honest. Lol

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