i think kimberly elise is entitled to her opinion *runs outta foxhole*

i haven’t seen actress,
kimberly elise,
in years.
does she even still act?
the last thing i saw her in was hit the floor.
kimberly has become very christian over the years.
( x see an example here )
it looks like the bibe threw up all over her ig.
it’s giving “black housekeeper in get out“.

kimberly is getting dragged because of her opinions about roe v wade.
she posted this:

( x it comes with a song too )
and i was annoyed but then i realized something…

She is entitled to her opinion.

kimberly is a full-fledged toxic christian now.
most of the pro-lifers are high-key religious.
do we have to agree with her opinion?
not at all but she can say what she feels.
we can say we understand why charles dragged her out of the house too.

my thoughts about it are this:

We shouldn’t get mad at people for having an opposing opinion to our own.
That creates followers and we don’t need any more of those.
We don’t have to like their opinions and they don’t have to like ours either.
As long as no paws are being thrown,
do and say what you please.
There will be someone(s) who agrees.

since she is happy “millions of babies are being saved”,
she can open her door to adopt all these kids too.

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11 thoughts on “i think kimberly elise is entitled to her opinion *runs outta foxhole*”

  1. When we become mature adults, we choose which battles are even ‘worth’ trying to fight. This is one of those times to choose.
    And opposite opinions are allowed. It is becoming so visceral, it is wise to hold your opinion to yourself in some circumstances. With these weird gun laws and allowing concealed weapons to be carried by these lunatics, you could end up getting shot for defending how you think about issues.

    1. Agree 100% I’ve noticed since the pandemic started I don’t have words to argue like literally I can’t even string together reads as quickly. I don’t insult I just speak facts and end the conversation. And that’s shade enough. But going back and forth with people about their opinion is shortening our life spans

  2. Nah, this “everybody is entitled to their opinion” stuff is too convenient, especially for the commenters that frequent this site.

    Where was this benevolence when people were unsure about taking the vaccine?

    Y’all were more worried about people getting a shot then wearing freaking masks.

    People are entitled to their opinion when it doesn’t endanger others. You can think vanilla ice cream is better than chocolate. You don’t get to think a child has to carry a baby to term, because it’s “God’s will”. You don’t get to say a rape or incest victim has to birth the baby. You also don’t get to say a woman who isn’t ready to be a mother has to go through with it.

    On one hand, while the richest countries rape poorer countries for resources and people in 2022 are starving….

    it’s always the rich countries talking about “overpopulation”. How? Your people are living the longest and making more children.

    So all of the overpopulation crap and now we’re going to prevent ALL abortions in America? Because God says it’s wrong?

    What about judging? Doesn’t God say He is the only one who can judge? Christians pick and choose and these are the same ones who allow pedophile priests and pastors to harm children, but are worried about drag queens.

    If it was about “protecting children”, child abusers/molesters wouldn’t be able to get back out to even be on a sex offender list. If it was about protecting children, they wouldn’t be trying to lower the age of consent. if it was about protecting children, there wouldn’t be lead and water poisoning in Black and Brown communities.

    That lady said it. “Protecting white life”. White people are becoming a minority and know this will lead to Black and Brown women getting illegal abortions that will risk their lives. It’s not like medicine cares about Black women.

    1. Seli
      All your points are solidly stated. I love reading the posts on the foxhole
      The Justices made a partisan decision regarding the case brought by the State of Mississippi, which now affects all women.
      Allegedly, according to their statistics, Black women are 38 percent of the Mississippi population, but account for over 70 percent of abortions. I don’t believe it, but so they say.
      A woman’s choice and autonomy over her body should be her own. The choice to abort is a private thing between she and God. As generic as it sounds, others have a right to express their opinion in disagreement against mine.

  3. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and everyone has a right to voice that opinion. However, the issue is when people try to impose thier beliefs and opinions on others and impose their will over people’s freedom.

  4. Listen I’m not perfect and I’ll never speak publicly about this, cause I’m completely torn on the subject. On one hand I know there are cases of rape & incest, but on the other hand a lot of people Jus don’t use condoms, and alot of teen girls wait till the last minute to tell a parent due to fear, and at 5 months (which I believe is legally the latest you can wait) that’s a pretty well formed baby, and in order to perform an abortion, they rip the limbs from the body, and crush the skull to get it out….shit don’t seem “right” to me, but because I’ll never BE In that situation as a gay man, I jus keep my mouth shut

    1. Bingo! I feel the EXACT same way. As gay men, we really don’t have a dog in that fight but I send love to all the women affected by this.

      My biggest thing is if they can overturn this than will they overturn anything else dealing with minorities (black/gay). That’s why I’m ready to fight a political fight because I want us to keep the rights that we already won.

    2. That’s not the most common way. Most women have abortions way before that. The restrictions that many states have, have made women have to wait longer to have abortions.since they often had to figure out money to travel long distances to have them.
      Quite frankly, I don’t care how the abortion is performed, I don’t care if it makes people uncomfortable. It’s not my right to tell some they have to be pregnant if they don’t want to be. You being conflicted on the matter shouldnt affect someone else’s life.
      I am conflicted about guns and war, but that’s a “me” problem.

      1. “It’s not my right to tell some they have to be pregnant if they don’t want to be”…. preach.

        People have a right to their opinion. If you choose to speak it, then be ready for feedback.

        Freedom of choice is not freedom of consequence.

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