r. kelly falls down 30 flights of steps in his fall from grace

r. kelly‘s victims had to watch him be successful in his reign of terror.
they had to watch him be “the chosen one“,
be up in everyone’s videos/music,
continue to make a shit ton of money,
and live his best life while they lived in torment.
i’m sure they felt some kind of way as their villain kept “winning”.
they get to watch his ass be locked away for a very long time.
per tmz

Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “r. kelly falls down 30 flights of steps in his fall from grace”

  1. Robert Kelly.
    All the female and male hookers he could have had for free or for a fee, but he chose these precocious over developed children to abuse.☹️
    I hope Hollywood and “The Industry” will go after Kevin Spacey and others with the same diligence. And throw in the politicians snorting cocaine and having orgies, according to Madison Cawthorn. I am sure some underage pussycat has slipped thru the cracks and gotten into the mix.
    I make it a point to NEVER TALK TO, SPEAK TO, OR ENGAGE WITH TEENAGERS if the parents aren’t present. These people are too slick. These teens know about everything, I mean everything, if they’re not doing it themselves, someone in the circle is.
    They are too fresh acting at a early age, as the elders say.

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