I Hit It First… But I Came Last

that’s what this one is saying:

tumblr_mkswzg6N1s1qkfzdlo1_500ray j wanted to have us talking.
he released his official new single cover to his new song.
you guessed it,
i hit it first.
it’s also featuring a guest


are we interested in hearing it foxhole?
i feel like ray j’s music career is done.
the timer went off on that years ago.
this is the most promo he has got since…
a shame he made kim who she is,
but he isn’t the bigger star.
where he go wrong?
now ray j,
we can talk about this:

**EXCLUSIVE** Hip hop star Ray J strips down as he goes through security at LAX airport


tumblr_mfcef53SpB1raqrg9o1_500 tumblr_mfcef53SpB1raqrg9o2_500

 …because anything else is irrelevant.

x ray j.

Author: jamari fox

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22 thoughts on “I Hit It First… But I Came Last”

  1. Is there something I don’t know about him? He sure is showing off that ample ass. I’d hit it.

    1. Wolves think alike. Your instincts are right. What dude stands up, turns around and literally shows his ass on tv?

  2. Who cares anymore? It’s a lot of neg. shit on the street about him and that ass that no one even cares about his music. Ray J is bad, but the shit I have been hearing and reading about him is cray. At this point he can keep that fat ass he got lol.

    I remember when super head outed him on Jamie’s radio show years ago. That was crazy. He gets around, and I have heard that shit too many times just like the rest of you probably have. Some dude name bad azz did an interview with the breakfast club a couple of weeks ago, and he said that Ray J likes boys and girls and that some dude named Young Buck was smashing him. I thought that sounded familiar. I remember Danger saying that same story back in 09 and people were saying she was crazy. I believed her, and I strongly believe Ray J is not only down but he gets around. Sloppy, sloppy, and even more sloppy. In this life you cannot tell everyone who you are fuckin lol

      1. Well that is because Kim has her family, and that mom of hers is a genius. You would think that with all the people Ray J knows that he would be further than what he is. The ass must not be good lol.

  3. Because Kim’s mom is a better manager than Brandy’s mom…plus they look at Kim as white to an extent

      1. LMAO…He is right. Yes he has a tramp stamp. What straight man has a lower back tat? Ray J get outta here, it’s 2013.

    1. I do not know how true that is, but I would not be surprised with all that has been said. Everyone and their daddy probably hit that. It’s sad that the ones who are giving up the most ass are the ones with no careers. I do not really remember anything he’s done since “one wish” lol Ha!

  4. Kim and the whole Kardashian family owe their careers and success to Ray J and that big piece of pipe!!!

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