Feelin’ On His Monster Truck Booo-oooo-tyyyy (Buh Buh Bootyyyy)

i been getting emails about:

380989_434358143305636_144109100_never since featuring him in lay down some rubber a while ago.
for the longest i didn’t know his name.
i know knew him for that…
i’m not even gonna front…

i saw him in this pic way back when:

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 4.14.56 PM

…and shorty and those butt cheeks was on my mind.
i would squeeze the life out them.
i may even have to get a taste.
i’m moreso interested in the meat….

…front and back.

tumblr_mkdrliLjba1r06b9zo1_500…did you know he was bisexual?
he use to act and now,
he is a model and show host.
he looks like a sexier version of:

Mask-of-Me-v-for-vendetta-29074903-917-615he may pay us a visit sooner or later.
i definitely have a couple questions for him.
some may be asked in private

x model mayhem

x youtube

Author: jamari fox

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25 thoughts on “Feelin’ On His Monster Truck Booo-oooo-tyyyy (Buh Buh Bootyyyy)”

  1. The pic of him in the red hat got me on brick.

    I’m not trying to be mean, but I do not like the way his lips set when he smiles. Other than that he’s bad. I’d tear that ass up.

      1. LOL. The sunshine is probably so bright I’d need shades on to even be able to eat it.

      1. Lol I know this chick that used to date him. Don’t let the fact that he’s in the ballroom fool you though. He’s pretty down to earth.

  2. I’ve met Jacob Jamari and he’s a real nice guy. I haven’t heard anything extra about the pipe game but he’s nice, down to earth, goal oriented, and seems like hubby material

      1. Yup. I distinctively remember in a response to a text saying I want to fuck you….he said I’m a top unless you mean getting fucked.

      2. *folds arms and pokes out bottom lip* I want to dump my garbage in the back of his truck. I wonder why he doesn’t give it up?

        To the ones who tease y’all better be careful. You meet some dude and he sees you showing off your ass and you go to his crib and he think he’s getting something he ain’t gonna get and then the shit goes left.That is why I will only let mine get so big. I rather have my ass look like that dude Chadoy that Jamari posted on Easter, than to have some dude get mad at me for having a donk and not giving it up. Niggas are crazy.

    1. Reading that made my eyes hurt. That shit is not fair and it is misleading. What is the use of having a fat ass if you ain’t gonna give it up?

  3. Inquiring minds want to know. Two theories: he’s a big tease and/or the peen is small.

    1. ^the type to get on top of you,
      cheesin’ like his dick never touched pussy/ass before,
      rolling his hips around like he doing something,
      and touching you ever so gently?

      god I hope not.

  4. this guy is Beautiful!! I don’t care what he does or doesn’t do. I’d get with him!

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