It’s a Wonderful Lie

tumblr_lu8fujQzc81qjd4jfo1_500when keepin it real…
exposes you as a liar.
remember this:

The Game Does A Good Deed Today

well that turned out to be bullshit

Jayceon Taylor may have had some trouble playing the numbers game.

According to TMZ, Compton-bred rapper The Game dined at Capital Grille in West Hollwood on Easter Sunday and took a quick Instagram pic of his waiter Eme Ikwuakor cheesing and gripping a bank roll. The Game claimed he had tipped his waiter $6,000 and answered all his prayers.

Now, Ikwuakor claims that the “Jesus Piece” spitter asked him to hold the cash so that he could take a photo of him and tweet it out to his 1.1 million followers. He consented to the photo but reveals that his tip was only $250 not the hefty sum the Game bragged about.

Either way, Ikwuakor is grateful, stating the tip was “very generous and much appreciated.”


and on easter nonetheless.
what was the point of lying?
to get press?
some new pussy?
some wet foxhole?
i hope why he lied was worth it.

lowkey: that waiter better hope he doesn’t come back.

9 thoughts on “It’s a Wonderful Lie

  1. Smdh. Is he that thirsty for attention? That’s ridiculous and sad as hell. Speaks volumes.

  2. but when i made a comment then i come off as a bad guy. I detect bullshit miles away, a realist. stop getting mad

    1. No you come off like a bitch ass who complains about everything. You did this same shit on Myvidster. I come over here and you doing it on this nigga site about every little thing. You are annoying as fuck in all honesty. Nobody listens because you don’t relay the message right. It always comes off judgmental.

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