husband material lets us know he is only doing this anal stuff for your coins?


these attentionistos of OF are sick of you all and your mess.
absolutely sick.
( x this ) was last week.
they know what gets gay males to spend but hate the outcome after.

I mean,
what do they expect?
Po’ wittle bawdy mad cause being treated like meat hurt his wittle feelings?

an OF plant,
by the name of husband material,
lets us know he kinda sells his soul for your money.
this is what he fonted on twitter…

wasn’t he charging before?
i’m confused at this rant.

he goes on to font:

at least he acknowledges that gay-baiting helps pay the bills.
i found it interesting he fonted that his skill set is fitness,
and editing but…

He chooses to show his semi-fit naked bawdy,
while taking pics with an iPhone,
riding dildos cause its “part of the job”,

and banging his wife for the forests to see.

sex work seems to be a hard job with many complaints.
if attentionistos can’t handle what cums with it…

Why even do it?

lowkey: so would he get smashed by another male for money?
i’m not fonting he would…
but it seems like he is doing something he hates for money.
since this is a business and all.
many straight males are gay for pay for money or career advancement.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “husband material lets us know he is only doing this anal stuff for your coins?”

  1. Dude is mad extra and annoying if you look at his tweets. He act like he is the Sex God. Like it’s not a million other porn stars on the internet. And he a lowkey wanna be fake philosopher, he swear he be spitting knowledge lol..take that dildo and relax bruh lol

  2. Frfr tho, he looks good in that pic above. Idk that man from a can of paint, but w the boom of body boys showing up on social media, we have to remember how high the bar is set. Social media will have us all thinking we ain’t, and look like, sht, so let’s make sure we don’t add to that negative headspace.

  3. So I checked out the page. Surprised it was a brother. Thought it was a Wyt dude. So the brother makes it known HEs in charge of his content and in doing so he may sound brash. He chooses to do what he does BC it pays . Ok Kool .

    I noticed he thanked you Jamari for the publicity piece U did. 😎Very pleasant of him. Look he’s not MY type but he has a thing going on, nice dick, nice hole. He knows his fans love what HE does so Bravo brother. Do your sex with your black wife and make your coins. He clearly loves what he’s doing though, all the anal shit😊 he loves it otherwise he wouldn’t be doing it,😎

  4. I’m so tired of these fake dl men pretending to be straight. On one hand, I get it. Being straight is capable in the gay community. On the other hand, it’s like who are you fooling? These guys act like they don’t have a choice. Get 3 non-sex work jobs. Problem solved.

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