the 39-year-old has a new younger-ish model to sex into stupidity?

a foxholer sent in a tip that grayling purnell found another young plaything:


and this is what he looks like

this one looks like an older version of the last one.
his name is @drestrokesnyc.
i won’t believe they are together until i see the complimentary face tatt.

How long do you think this new love docuseries will last?

i give it a few weeks before the finale.

lowkey: are these really relationships?
or short-term scene partners for his onlyfans?

13 thoughts on “the 39-year-old has a new younger-ish model to sex into stupidity?

  1. Grayling is a modern date pimp. He seeks out impressionable young guys and gets in their head with promises of love, money, fame and a good life. He then brands them with face and body tattoos. Same as an old school pimp but instead of sending them to work the corners to turn tricks he turns them into sex workers on his OF. When they stop making money for Grayling he does what any pimp does to a trick who can’t make money, he cuts them loose for the next young trick. These young guys’ future have really been harmed. Early 20s with a predator’s name stamped on your face and butt, sex videos on the internet that will live forever, whatever emotional damage you have and Grayling keeps all the profit from the OF.

  2. Welp…….. at this point……..🤷🏾‍♂️ 🙄………they gotta know better cause he’s out here cloning 🤣😆

    1. True but when you are young and naive you think it will be different with you and you fall for the same corny game. Part of it is on these young guys for sure but Grayling is the predator with the money and power.

  3. I pray this young man doesn’t get Grayling’s tattoo on his face–please, urge people NOT to do this to themselves, unless they are in it for the long haul. As for Grayling, he creeps me TF out!

    1. Yep, it’s made even worse by the fact that he admitted to sleeping with a 17-year old. Grayling claimed that the 17-year old lied about their age, but he wouldn’t be caught out like that if dated older men.

        1. This dude represents the part of Gay lifestyle that I do not like- passing through Men like they are underwear 😎

          His preference are the Young, impressionable, vulnerable dudes . There are plenty of them and he knows that. God forbid but he will meet the wrong young’un who is a bit more volatile and ..SIGH….that’s all I say for now 😳

          1. Not that it makes it any better, but straight men do it to; it isn’t just gay men or the “gay lifestyle,” whatever that’s supposed to be. In fact, it’s probably more widespread and worse among straight men. Again, not that that makes it any better that some gay men engage in this cr@p.

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