when we hurt other people’s feelings, the gay shield will protect us from harm

some gay males are absolutely insufferable.
we don’t want to address that rainbow elephant in the room.
i’m not fonting all of us are but you know the ones i’m talmbout

They create havoc and chaos everywhere they go and put up the “I’m gay!” shield once they burn every bridge.

it’s like the black folks who use their race to justify why they’re assholes.
“they don’t like me because im black.
they don’t like you because you’re a bitch.

some gay jackals will go into certain environments,
especially work environments,
and cause a mess for no reason.
as soon as they get called out:

“They don’t like me here because they are homophobic.
I think I’m gonna sue.

its not because they’re a terrible worker or sabotage everyone.
It’s because they’re gay and being singled out.
they had allies until they fucked up all their networks.
it’s like this gay white jackal my friend wants me to fight.
( x read it here )

i’ve noticed some white gays use this excuse for their bad behavior:

“I’m gay and I’ve suffered.”

…and in some cases,
but others will happily become their past oppressors to everyone.
i’m like:

“Black gay males have to deal with being black and gay.
Our suffering comes from all angles due to race,
and the bullying within Christianity.
Many black gays understand the assignment in certain environments.
some of us can be messy af but we don’t have the luxury that many white gays have.”

i feel like some gay jackals are extremely hard to deal with.
folks don’t want to step on eggshells due to “what may happen next”.
some of these same folks were actual allies until we turned them off.
so we get avoided and labeled as “the stereotype”.
they’ll toss the “f-bomb” around behind our backs more than ever.
some of us don’t realize we are the common denominator.

Why is this?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “when we hurt other people’s feelings, the gay shield will protect us from harm”

  1. I worked in the Corporate Trust division of a bank years ago. I withstood two African American men who I shared office space with being low grade homophobic, but eventually won them over.
    A white queen was hired and assigned into the office and the entire pyramid collapsed. He was eventually fired, but not before destroying all the Kum Bah Yah energy. The commonality amongst these lounge lizards is not the gayness, it’s who the inner being was before they identified as gay. Take the gay away and they are still divisive shit stirrers.Born to be that way

    1. ^ ironically,
      that’s what my friend said about the white gay on her office now.
      the office was cool and he came in and disrupted everything with his hateful and disgusting behavior.

      black gays would be fired on the spot.
      it is so disgusting.

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