will the real george santos past life please stand up (you are wanted for questioning)

is it mental illness?
is it stupidity?
i never understand these types.

They’ll be so against the gay or trans community,
speak out about why they need to be abolished,
and be exposed for participating in the community or IN someone within the community.

people do not like new yawk republican,
george santos.
always a republican it seems.
he seems to be an alleged pathological liar.
( x read here )
( x read here too )
a foxholer sent in the following tip of his alleged exposure.
george thinks drag queens groom kids but allegedly…

according to him,
these drag allegations are all lies:

not to mention this whole mess:

why do folks even follow some of these republicans?
it’s always some secret life or lies with them.
they’ll be trying to banish black,
and trans issues until exposed disrespectfully.
it never fails and i’ll always allow it.

6 thoughts on “will the real george santos past life please stand up (you are wanted for questioning)

  1. Ole George knows how to wear many hats as well as many dresses. I guess the train from that dress was sticking out that louvered closet door. Got to give him credit for trying to pull one😂😂😂.

  2. Santos is odious and beyond odious. The self absorbed stink is such a reproach to all that is good. Kevin McCarthy is just a pussy that has no elasticity, as are all the Republican caucus. Santos, Dr older, Donald Duck: needs a Kareem Abdul Jabbar sized foot up her carc🦶ass.
    P. T. Barnum said a sucker is born every minute, this is Santos’s gospel creed. If his dick is as long as his trail of lies, he wouldn’t be scamming and skimming.
    The world 🌎 might be blind to this woman’s shenanigan’s, but the gay queens, king’s and in betweens could see this late, rotund clown was a fraud from the jump. This abominable showgirl is not leaving Congress until they drag her out. For $175,000 a year and perks, I wouldn’t go quietly either.

      1. Kevin McCarthy has a 222-212 (soon to be 213) Republican to Democratic advantage, so he needs every vote. He cannot afford to let pathological liar George Anthony Devolder Santos Whatever Her Name Is leave Congress, because Queens and Long Island voters might be so upset they’d vote a Democrat in to take her place for the rest of that term.

        The other issue to keep in mind is McCarthy stupidly just changed the House voting rules to prevent proxy voting, meaning House members have to vote for all bills in person. If any Republicans are out sick or injured, if any die or have to abrupt resign, or any refuse to vote with the Republicans on a particular bill, etc., it could mean he can’t pass that legislation. It’s far worse than when Pelosi was in charge. So he’s probably going to keep Santos as insurance in there until a court of law removes him.

    1. Bravo Khalil31!!!! You gave her and her fellow contemptuous,” clown car “passengers a bloody good read!

      [ What makes them worse is that they are in a position to do good and abuse it ]

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