how could andrew gillum’s wife accept his filthy and disgusting bisexuality? YUCK.

i need everyone to calm down.
andrew gillum and his wife,
r. jai,
might have not realized that they set the forests on fire today.

“How can this black wife be so accepting of her bisexual and sloppy husband?”

i dunno,
how can some be so accepting of their trashy exes or philandering husbands?
staying together for the sake of the kids and bible.
why is it…

Black males can accept and marry a bisexual vixen and it’s not even a story?

you don’t even have to answer.
it’s kinda disappointing to read the comments about this situation.
the homophobia flags are at full staff today.

We don’t know WHAT went down in their home.

judging from clips of the interview with tam’ron hall,
andrew’s wife doesn’t seem like she is bitter and on the way to the mental.
she comes off very unbothered about the entire thing.

i think the shock is this isn’t a white family in this situation.
it’s shocking to many because it’s two people of color,
ones who presented this perfect nuclear family,
 bisexuality (which is looked down for the toxic christians),
and whatever acceptance and forgiveness looks like.
it’s not a “white people issue“.
there are plenty of marriages out here built on a house of cards.
most of us have messed around with black husbands who were like andrew gillum.
some gay males have/and or fuckin’ married bisexual black males at this moment.

r. jai put on a united front with her bisexual husband.
they could end up getting a divorce next week,
but i’ll take their word for it today.
all in all…

It ain’t our problem.

she accepted all that happened so why be mad?
personally i think this further opened the door for discussion on black males,
and their accepting partners of the opposite sex.

2020 has truly kicked down the door of the taboo.

low-key: i was watching an ig interview with nicco annan and j. alphonse nicholson from “p-valley”.
they play the characters of “uncle clifford” and “lil murda”.
they were talking about who has presented the most homophobia towards their characters..

starts at 22:45

are we shocked?
some black vixens are accepting and loving,
but the others are mostly who i see having an issue about this interview.

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “how could andrew gillum’s wife accept his filthy and disgusting bisexuality? YUCK.”

  1. This story reminds me of a previous post on Dr. Kevin Rome from Fisk. I mean, that couple, the both give off bisexual vibes. She ain’t no vixen. And pearls fall out of his mouth when opened. Just Sayin

  2. I believe if he said he was gay there would be less outrage/anger.There is a significant segment of the population who doesn’t believe or won’t accept male bisexuality is real, especially black male bisexuality.A lot of women keep referring to him as gay, some calling him DL.And for some black women a DL man is the worst thing you can be.Some are calling his wife stupid,foolish,etc.for marrying a man that she knew was attracted to men.

    I read an interesting comment from a black gay man who said (I’m paraphrasing) some gay men don’t want to acknowledge the existence of bisexual men because if they did, they would lose that fantasy that the DL/trade guy they are hooking up isn’t “straight”, he’s just bisexual.His comment reminded me of some comments I’ve read about how some men will pay more money for a straight guy’s Onlyfans than of a guy who identifies as bisexual or gay because it plays into their fantasy.

    I think the fact that he may be cheating with a white person makes it worse for some people.For me personally the gender/race of the person they are cheating with doesn’t make a difference.

    I keep saying may be cheating for two reasons .He denied he was going to the hotel room for drugs and sex and said he tested negative for drugs.Also if he they did go there for sex, I don’t know what his agreement was with his wife.If she’s not upset why would I be, it doesn’t affect my life.BTW I saw Tamron Hall on Breakfast Club and she implied she got the interview through his wife.Some newspaper also claimed his wife arranged/brokered the interview.

    1. ^they are so reminding me of claire and frank from house of cards.
      everyone think she’s upset,
      but from the clips i saw,
      she seemed extremely unbothered.

      i’m so intrigued with these too.

  3. Yep will be interesting to see how long this whole thing last. The incoming is gonna be hectic especially from the black community so they may just buckle to it in the end. You rightly said its no one’s business except him being a sloppy dummy in the first place opening it all up, but I guess these conversations wouldn’t be a thing if that didn’t happen. Will be interesting to see too if it’s more bisexual or repressed gay in his case. The kids who no one’s really mentioning will have it rough.

  4. I’m glad Nicco Annan and J. Alphonse Nicholson brought up the homophobia from Black women. It’s something that goes unchecked in our community.

    Who do little boys learn their homophobia from? In most cases it’s from their mothers who called them girl names if they ever cried or showed emotion. It’s from the girls who called them gay for not being attracted to them or for not acting overly aggressive or not being “masculine” enough. Then a lot of these boys grow up to be men who tease and pick on guys who are softer or effeminate just to prove to other women that they are not.

    Shit is real, and it’s time to talk about it.

    1. ^sometimes a guy,
      who is already questioning his sexuality,
      will act funny towards you because a girl will question your sexuality.

      it’s all layers to homophobia and some black women can be the culprit.
      that’s not to say males can’t start homophobia with their own insecurities,
      but i’ve noticed how toxic some black women can be with that.
      i’ve had a couple who started rumors about my sexuality and made some dudes not want to be “gay by association” by being around me.

  5. As his wife, I would never be able to kiss him again. I’d stay together for convenience and the children, then dip when they’re 18. He’d never touch me again.

    Bisexual ≠ drug-fueled cheating with white male prostitutes

  6. the world of sexuality is complicated and even moreso if you are black or latin due to family, religion, culture about what little boys can and cannot do from an early age. men are boxed in to what is acceptable, women are allowed to experience sexual freedom without condemnation but men are not. so hence you have the clandestine in the closet, dl or not talked about hookups and sometimes long term relationships or bootycalls outside the marriage or relationship. men find different avenues to meet under the auspices of something typical, workout, games, fishing, hanging out with the boys, etc. normally events that allow cover yet allow for alternative objectives. alot of men define themselves as straight but yet they fuck around and as long as they not getting fucked it’s not gay. i’m just getting my dick sucked..head is head period. others buy in to the hyper masculine facade of being hard, can’t show emotion or cry and anything remotely affection is looked upon with disdain; however, we now live in the age of social media. nobody knows who is doing who or how people are getting their bags. get a group of men together and somebody gets down. nobody may be talking about it but you know and they know. think about it, would the guys in prison who have sex with men while they are there and get out classify themselves as bi…no they go right back to the women they were with prior to being locked up. with contraband cellphones prisoners now are making and selling videos to men of themselves jacking off and other acts. i’m sure these men don’t think they are bi or gay. i’m sure andrew and his wife have had a talk about his being bi, i think you’re finding more and more women who are in her shoes and keeping their business behind closed doors while showing a perfect couple front in public. andrew didn’t just start this, remember he went to famu yet you heard no stories of any of the guys he went to school with. this happened because he trusted the wrong person and obviously the messy escort was waiting for his next 15min of fame yet was denied. love the candor and his living his truth. the only people who it should matter to sb he and his wife not us, as the old saying goes…”don;t throw bricks from a glass house because you may get one thrown back “

  7. There’s plenty of women willing to be beards married to politicians just to get a piece of the lifestyle. A dime a dozen, honestly.

    1. Everyone knows that communication is key in a relationship, but don’t know how to communicate. What every you agree upon in your marriage is not up for public debate. What one person will do in their marriage is not what the next person would do. Get you someone that you can talk to openly and honestly, without fear of rejection or scrutiny. That is what a marriage should be made of.

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