andrew gillum proved you wrong by speaking his truth today (gotcha)

either a foxholer or someone i’m close to said this to me:

“When you can admit your truth,
no one can use anything against you.”

many times,
we are held captive by our truths or its used to keep us captive to someone else.
when we get into a scandal,
the worst thing we can do is deny something that can easily be proven.
nothing worse than lying and a jackal comes with receipts to shut you down.
if you want to start fresh with the audience,
its always best to be as transparent and honest as possible.
andrew gillum came out today on “the tam’ron hall show” as…

bisexual and i’m fully allowing it.

the full quote via “cnn“:

To be very honest with you, when you didn’t ask the question, you put it out there is whether or not I identify as gay. And the answer is I don’t identify as gay, but I do identify as bisexual, and that is something that I have never shared publicly before,” Gillum told journalist Tamron Hall in a candid interview on her eponymously named talk show.

“Everyone believes the absolute worst about that day. At this stage, I don’t have anything else to have to conceal,” Gillum said in the interview. “I literally got broken down to my most bare place, to the place where I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to live. Not because of what I had done but because of everything that was being said about me.”

“What was most hurtful was this belief that I was somehow living a lie in my marriage and in my family. That was the most hurtful to me. Because I believe we are all entitled to mistakes, and I believe we are entitled to those mistakes without having every other respectable and redeeming part of our lives invalidated,” he said, adding that “something else had been assumed” about him based on the incident.

first off,
bisexuality is often a taboo sexuality to be for males.
some ignore it exists with males; others believe it isn’t possible.
even if this is a pit stop to being gay,
at least he is owning who he is after such a public downfall.
as gay and bi males in the foxhole…

We should not judge him because at one point,
many of us where were he was.

Having sex and being in relationships with vixens,
even though we had feelings/desires for other males as well.

Many acted on their desires while others lived lies.

if andrew would have went on that show and said,
“oh no!
i’m straight and that wasn’t me on the floor”,
it probably wouldn’t have ended well for him.
since his mask was yoinked off,
and that escorting jackal was probably waiting to drag him,
all he could do was be honest about who he is.
this opens up a door for a whole new journey for andrew.
we’ll possibly meet the real “andrew gillum” along the way.

this is the after show from “the tam’ron hall show” for today:

if anyone has a link to the whole interview,
please send!

lowkey: i think the wife already knew tbh.
either they discussed it or she didn’t want to admit it.


article cc: cnn

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

38 thoughts on “andrew gillum proved you wrong by speaking his truth today (gotcha)”

  1. Even though I honestly believe he’s fully gay I’m glad he got one up on the escort cause that white walker was ready to spill it all if Andrew said it were a lie!
    White people are all evil!

    1. ^yeah he was watching so he could stroll his ass on twitter to destroy him.
      good thing andrew did what he did.
      the escorting jackal has no power so he is pretty much a non factor besides watching him get banged.

    2. Sounds to me like he was in a relationship with that white escort. If U get a chance to listen to the interview he describes the interaction as he was there to meet someone who was a friend. Some one w ho he was close to.. the Porn model esc ort was probably looking at ma king a name f or himself off this mess. I also got the impression that Wifey knows her hubby likes guys and was fgor whatever reason is ok with it. I’m happy she’s supporting him.
      He’s a good looking guy in a preppy type of way. I know it must have taken a lot f or him to put his business out there. But he really had very little choice but tyo admit his sexuality. It was evident for all the w o rld to see. Wish him the best.. I wonder wha t lessons he learned from this.

      1. Yes about the Yt escort, and he even says “relationship” at one point, but at another sort of pulls back. Whatever it was, it’s just unfortunate it had to be blown open in such an awful way.

        His crying really got to me. I felt for him. I felt like he talks around issues a lot, like a poiltician, but I understand why his wife fell for him.

        I hope they get the support they need and that he continues on his journey to his authentic self. I’m going to be shallow and say that I think he’s a beautiful man. I hope things work out for him and them, whatever paths they take.

  2. She knew, she said it. He told her before he proposed to her. What R. Jai did say was if she knew it would be under public scrutiny like this, she’s not sure she would’ve married him back then – because she didn’t have the maturity to deal with it in her 20s (publicly – she was fine with it being between them).

    I wish both of them the best, and hope it sparks real conversation about bisexuality in men. This biphobia, especially in the LGBTQ+ community, has to stop.

    1. ^i need to see the whole interview!
      i’m waiting for it to be uploaded so i can indulge!

      i’m really happy that bisexuality is being discussed in 2020.
      it is a real thing and bisexual males need to feel comfortable and not threatened to “pick one”.
      it’s ridiculous and down right mean.

  3. love this:

    1. Hopefully the interview will be posted online later.

      They also admitted that they hadn’t been doing the work in their marriage in all of 2019 (on both sides); the incident didn’t cause a rift, there were other issues. But I also think suppressing that side while being so public was an issue too.

      1. ^i don’t think we realize how stressful relationships can be.
        it’s not sex and selfies for social media.
        it takes real work that many of us don’t often consider.

  4. Can we take a moment to recognize how beautiful his wife is though? I mean those features she’s just gorgeous! I’m so glad she stood by him. This is not about black women protecting black men this is just about two people who love each other and you’ve had problems in their marriage but are willing to work it out.

  5. Okay, he is bisexual. However, he chose to get married and have a family. How does his bisexuality make it okay for him to have a boys night out? Does that mean if you marry a bisexual you sight up for them to step out when they feel like it? I’m not buying that.

    1. Like am I taking crazy pills?

      Dude creeping on his wife and kids (who are probably mortified since it’ll be haunting them FOREVER) and were giving a pass because he came out as bi?

      Nah, what he did was gross, and thoroughly messed up. Not judging but sexuality proclamations kinda don’t undo that.

      If his wife is fine with it tho then w/e, but he doesn’t exactly get my confidence as a politician who is smart/ morally secure

  6. So I just watched the interview the biggest thing I pulled from it is that they, he and his wife, had already discussed his sexuality prior to being married. Even in his wife’s recanting of the whole debacle she never said anything that would let you believe that she was shocked about him being with another man. If they had some type of agreement, it might have been useful to share that but I don’t know that it was completely necessary. For me, the fact that there is now a very public example of a BLACK couple where bisexuality is on the table and accepted within the relationship is huge. Hopefully this will open the door for more healthy conversations about sexuality in “straight” black relationships and reduce some of the negative gay rhetoric.

  7. This whole situation is sad and Drew won’t recover this one because he was living a lie the whole time presenting as a total family man and hooking up with white dudes. I can’t believe y’all in here uplifting this mess. Mess that one day his children will bear. He’s a liar and a cheat and Florida will never give him the time of day.

      1. For me, its a question if judgement. Second chance or not he kinda does not strike me as someone who should be put in the highest office of Florida.

        I mean indulge in whatever, but you gotta admit that someone who performs such short-sighted moves for personal indulgences who can hardly hold onto his own rep should NOT be governor.

        I wish him well, he should do politics but this job isn’t it for him,

    1. I’m curious where the lie/cheat part comes in? If his wife knew where’s the lie??? They of course didn’t touch on that but his wife’s answers don’t imply that she didn’t know. Rather the opposite.

      I also think this level of vulnerability and transparency might just be his saving grace. shrug

      1. @Reece, I am trying to figure that out as well, I am not seeing why so many people are so quick to judge and act like he committed murder, when you have str8 men cheat everyday and the world keeps moving. So many married dudes have another side and they are still good husbands and fathers. You have so many Str8 couples that are swingers and many explore bi-sexuality in the confines of these sexual relationships so again, I am wondering what is the big deal. The wife may have a girlfriend for all we know and they have an understanding as so many married couples around the world do. Thats they business and it is not mine. I wish them well .

  8. In the interview she mentions that every couple ,every marriage is different and none of us knows what another couple’s covenant is with one another..She mentioned that there are couples who have open marriages and other arrangements ,that covenant is between the two people not between two people and the world or the public.That’s why she didn’t want him to discuss his bisexuality before now because she didn’t want to deal with people criticizing or questioning their relationship.

    I say if it works for them that’s all that matters.She knew him for almost 2 decades,they were friends,she knew about his attraction to men.They fell in love and chose one another.I hope he stays on his recovery path and that people don’t judge his life by his worst day.Good luck to them.

  9. The only reason many are giving him a pass and support is because he’s an attractive guy. Let’s be real! He’s a cheater and been a cheater for a while. It’s so convenient to drop “I’m bisexual” after the whole world has seen what you like doing behind closed doors with men, because it’s suppose to lighten the blow and make it seem not as bad. His shenanigans with men has been going on since FAMU. All of Tallahassee knows that. The family image contributes to the political life they both wanted, so they play their parts. He’s just sloppy with his business. But let’s see if she continues to stay and be supportive if he never gets back in the political world’s good graces.

  10. I just watched the whole interview. I went in skeptical but now wish nothing but love and light for the Gillum family. Hopefully, the black community will begin to talk about bisexuality in earnest. I think Tamron handled this well.

  11. Bravo, bravo, he let the cat out the hat! Many doubted and he came out and i should have put a bet on this plate. I am so happy he is living his truth. Much love to Andrew we have your back brotha.

  12. People are mad, calling him a cheater and a liar, when the person he supposedly lied to is there next to him supporting him. So waht are yall mad about ?

    From whta i’ve seen, his only mistake was putting his trust in the wrong people. How can you take a picture of someone lying in his own vomit, naked ? You have to be a different kind of sick.

    He didn’t lie to the people, he was not asking yall to vote for him because he was a straight married man. Yes he projected family man image but i don’t see how he’s not. Just because it’s not your version of a family doesn’t mean that him having an agreement with his wife is not a family still.

    I wish them all the best. That white escort can wait for his karma tho

    1. ^i mean,
      beyonce accepted and forgave her philandering husband and we moved on.
      she had a whole grammny nominated album about it called “lemonade”.
      andrew’s wife did the same so…

  13. Sometimes a man & woman have an understanding that nobody else will ever understand but them. More power to them.

    I’m glad he came out as bi & now the white escort mad he couldn’t blow up his spot or extort him for money. He took all his power back. People going to talk regardless. Like Madea says people gonna throw dirt on your grave when you’re dead & and they gonna do it when you living, so let it be what its gon’ be. Looking forward to his political comeback. And no, he doesn’t have to be the face of bisexuality to America, let him be.

  14. I can definitely say he proved me wrong. It shocked me that he was honest, but I’m glad that he was. Regardless of how I feel about the entire situation, I do feel good knowing that this will break down a lot of barriers for bisexual black men. And I looove that he was able to take his power back in this situation. I will say that I’m not as enthusiastic as other people, because at the end of the day would he have come out if he hadn’t been caught? I think that this will create a shield around any sort of criticism about him because so many people are hungry to see someone like them. I guess at the end of the day I can only give him a limited amount of praise, because I didn’t need a scandal to come out. I was brave enough to do it on my own. I’m not trying to be judgmental- at the end of the day he still has done what a lot of men still don’t have the courage to do- but no one ever gives the out and proud gay black men the amount of praise they TRULY deserve. The black men that typically come out and live their truth, the brave men who don’t fit the beauty or masculinity standards of our society, have done most of the heavy lifting for us, and they don’t get any respect. Now Andrew will be a martyr and all he had to do was get caught cheating on his wife while being under the influence.

  15. I’m going to keep the same energy I would have for a Republican that was caught in the same exact situation.

    We can’t drag Trump for his multiple wives and being involved with a pornstar and want all of Lindsey Graham’s alleged gay escorts to come out and expose him and then act like this is no big deal.

    This is precisely why I choose not to affiliate with either political party.

    1. But the difference is that Donald Trump is appointing anti-gay judges to the bench. Donald Trump banned trans people from serving in the US military. Donald Trump is completely silent while Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un and Mohammed bin Salam and other leaders preside over anti-gay/anti-LGBTQ torture, murders, etc.

      Also, Donald Trump has been accused of raping, molesting, forcibly kissing, touching etc. 20+ women. E. Jean Carroll is waiting for his DNA to prove that he defamed her when he denied he raped her in the 1990s. A young woman had alleged that Trump raped her when she was 13 years old, as murdered pedophile Jeffrey Epstein looked on, and supposed had a witness to corroborate her story.

      Lindsay Graham is closeted and voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, has supported tons of anti-gay/anti-LGBTQ legislation, and is a complete hypocrite.

      Andrew Gillum has supported the LGBTQ community from jump, long before he sat down with Tamron Hall and revealed that he is bisexual. He has been a friend and ally to LGBTQ people since day one.

      Do you still not get the difference??? GTFOH with that both-siderism BS!

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