the new “scam likely” going on onlyfans right now

imagine going to a restaurant,
ordering something off the menu,
and the food is not what you expected when it arrived.
the picture made it look abundant,
but you get small ass portions.
you can get more food from one of the dirty trucks in new yawk.
don’t sleep on that lamb from the halal trucks.

Don’t get fooled by Onlyfans accounts with a ton of pics and videos

there is a new(?) scam on onlyfans i want the foxhole to be aware of…

You subscribe to someone’s onlyfans,
and instead of getting their content,
you’re getting them promoting other people’s onlyfans content.

they charging ridiculous prices on onlyfans to be a glorified party promoter online.
according to the foxhole,
this brazilian wolf,
who goes by @brunoblackdot on twitter,
is an alleged repeat offender:


he is sexy af

…but you might be better off fuckin’ with his free ( x twitter ).
charging 15 dollars and more than half the content allegedly ain’t even him:

are these folks getting a cut from promoting other onlyfans?
if not,
this sounds very scam likely to make it look like they got a lot of content.
this is why they need previews on onlyfans.
there are always those few idiots who fuck up a good thing.
its time to start reporting these pages that try to hustle folks out their bread.
if the foxhole knows of any other scams on onlyfans:

Let’s discuss below or in emails/dms.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “the new “scam likely” going on onlyfans right now”

  1. There are some who don’t charge to watch their page but they charge different prices by sending you different videos in messages where Onlyfans allow members to charge their users for attached content. Some promote other pages so they can get either a discount on the page they are promoting or get free access. They don’t promote for free, its a deal in that somewhere. If they are working together they show up in each other videos.

  2. The more expensive the Only Fans, the more trash the content is. That OnlyFans that’s $5.99 a month? THAT’S the one that’s gonna be fire.

  3. I agree completely. There’s this guy who had a big following before his pages got deleted. I found him on IG (links only fans in bio) and then on Twitter. I follow him on Twitter and he promptly slides into my DM’s asking me if I wanna buy his underwear (not my kink) or get the link to his OF. He tried to tell me that if I sent him $20, he’d give me free access. The page is only $11 per month. I ended up subscribing on my own and the content was trash; not updated in almost a month, a few of the pics were of other people that he tried to poorly pass off as his own, and he’s still steady on Twitter talking about new content when there is none. Issa scam.

  4. Yes, I think I read somewhere that they get paid to promote other people’s pages. Not worth it if it’s over $10. That’s what Rhyheim was charging and he usually has original content. Real videos, real sex, really hot men. So don’t fall for the OnlyFans or JustForFans or MyFans etc. fake out if you can help it.

  5. All this did was make me want C-19 to disappear already so I can travel again. Lord knows, I miss going to the beach and seeing all that Brazilian meat just stuffed into them speedos, chile…

  6. Yeah, that Bruno twitter feed was convincing but Im glad i didn’t subscribe. The one i’m made about is that ShawnRaymond. Another repeat offender who just a one show pony by jacking off and will charge extra for other content, nice body but he just lost another customer.

  7. I’m gonna say it till I’m blue in the face, Onlyfans is not Amazon, and these people are not business men, stop being surprised that everyday niggas is taking y’all money and not giving you what u “expected” they are not entitled to, what you buy you buy at your own risk

  8. It’s getting tiring. I don’t join anyone’s page that is over 10 dollars anymore. This dudes want you to pay for the membership them pay for content once inside. There was one dude you featured on your ig that changed 20 to get in and then was charging 100 dollars to see anything extra. I wanted to report his ass.

      1. The problem with reporting these scammers is, Only Fans will always come down on the side of the content creator. It’s like asking cops to investigate themselves.

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