marshun cooper wants to turn his fans on only

i feel like marshun cooper is one of the top tier on marvin’s roster.
that chest of his >>>
he drips a shit ton of sex appeal on his social media too.

well marshun has done what shouldn’t be a surprise anymore

a chance to see that chest in all it’s naked glory?

…but 5 posts,
all pictures,
and is going for 20 bucks.
10 dollars should be the starting price point.
the price raises by demand.
God forbid you go on there and it’s a bunch of edited shit.
he does has a nice pipe,
according to marvin’s coffee books.
for a short wolf,
he is packing some heat.

Will there be videos?
Are we gonna be seeing sex?
Jack off videos?
Or is this just a gallery of his best nakedness?

i’ll wait to see what marshun is gonna cum up with.

see his onlyfans: here

pics taken from: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “marshun cooper wants to turn his fans on only”

  1. Marshaun is definitely fine AF! My dream man. I hope he will post plenty of nudity and sex stuff. I remember on a freak Snapchat someone posted videos of him jacking off.

  2. I’m just patiently waiting for this Onlyfans bubble to burst. I started as a place where people could showcase sex for a price to a place people could hustle, scam cause they see others folks getting rich. The worst part is these attractive men have absolutely no clue how to market themselves. Your insta following and hot body doesn’t equate to charging and obscene amount for an Onlyfans subscription only to have r-rated pics and literal 5 second videos, charging more money for “exclusive content.’ These niggas really be on they own sack. Nobody has any business sense or understand the basics of supply and demand. The mindset is “I”m sexy so people will pay $30 to see me do the bare minimum on Onlyfans.” smh

  3. It’ll probably be like the other dude with the big pipe – Marshall? Jack off videos and teasing in drawers. After like one or two of those, what’s left? Why continue? I’m surprised it’s taken this long, honestly.

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