How Big Is Too Big?


I was up last night and came across this Wolf, browsing on my favorite LUST site.
I was stuck between confused and turned on.
Now you fellas know I love BIG meat…

…. but is this too much????????????

Would you entertain him…
or would you dismiss him?

I’m still trying to decide.
One side of me loves a Tonka Truck built Wolf.
He is a teddy bear and a body guard all rolled into one.
The other side of me can’t help but think he will be trying to bench press me while he is laying concrete.
I could just see me flying off the bed…
All because he forgot my finely tuned body was NOT a barebell.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “How Big Is Too Big?”

  1. I came across his little photo spread and thought the same thing? Is he too big? I know I may be alone on this but… I would definitely give him a shot. I’m sure people will cite things like steroids and small testicles but… fine is fine to me. And he is.

  2. Guys that big usually can’t move well, so I’d likely pass – though I have done some big mofos like that…it’s kinda hot I ahve to admit. He has a cute face, though.

  3. He’s cute, I like his face so I wouldn’t turn him down. Me being small, I guess I have something in me that wants to be tossed around and carried (not roughed up though), and he looks like he could do that AAAAALLL day.

  4. What!!! That’s my kind of wolf all day!!! He gets a 9.5 in my book ( room for improvement). I can see it now we would have a crazy smash session and then it’s to the gym, where i am now doing bench presses

  5. Pros: Very attractive face, he’s handsome… BUT

    Cons: His head doesn’t look like it belongs on his overly muscular body. He looks like has uses anabolic steroids and suffers from muscle dysmorphia, a form of body dysmorphic disorder, also known as bigorexia.

    I’ll pass. You’ll have to deal with potentially violent mood swings and eat chicken breasts all the time, everyday, all day. Thick men are fine. Muscular men are fine. Thick muscular men are fine. Men who look like the Black Incredible Hulk–on purpose–not fine.

  6. Too Big….for me….I love a guy with a nice toned body but not all that extra I am THE HULK looking mess. I do think he is attractive, however, not my type…plus he looks shotter than me and I’m 5′ 8″…

    all yours J! (make sure share with Vain now…hehehe)

  7. BIG dudes like that I would straddle DEM THICK THIGHS and ride DAT THANG until the wheels fall off all the while holdin on to their humongous PECS for dear life!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. He’s attractive in the mug, but I don’t know about all of that muscle. I don’t get the purpose, but I think i’d “try” to smash just to see how we fit together while doing it. Would his muscles get in the way? Is he flexible enough? Would he roll over and crush me when we go to sleep?

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