foX-men: First Class


I had to shout out that from the rooftops.
I remember when X-Men use to come on at like 10:30 on Saturday Morning cartoons on Fox.
(How ironic lol)
I would get ready for that and then wrestling afterwards.
I use to have almost every action figure and some of the comics.
I love super hero stuff.
I am a big fan of any who is a mutant or has some kind of power.
I wasn’t as satisfied with X-Men 3 (tho I cried like a baby when Professor X was killed by Phoenix), but I did cum hard with Wolverine’s flick.
His body in that movie was…

So when I found out X Men was coming back to the big screen,
I was pretty much going.

X-Men: First Class was all I expected….

The movie is basically about Professor X and Magneto.
How they met, their backgrounds, and how the story of the X Men started.


But as I was watching it,
I could not help but compare the X Men to Foxes and Wolves.
Maybe even nerds and outcasts of the world, as many of us are.
Mystique, for instant, did not want to be blue.

She just wanted to live life like a real female and find love.
Beast also did not want to be a mutant and was trying to find the concoction to make him normal again.
Sound familiar?
There are Foxes and Wolves who would rather be straight than be… a mutant.
They just want to be normal and be like everyone else.

There were a lot of dialouge of being “yourself” and not hiding who you are.
“The humans” reminded me of “straight people”.
As I watched, it put me into deep thought.
Was I a mutant that was fighting a battle with no only myself, but with society?
Shit, I would be a kick ass mutant whose power would be able to touch people…
(and seduce Wolves with just one glance or touch)
Similar to one of my favorite characters…

But the movie was deep on many levels.
But, are Foxes and Wolves just like superheros?
When you compare Foxes and Wolves to mutants and X-Men,
the humans treat us so bad…

But hey, aren’t we the good guys?

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “foX-men: First Class”

  1. Good Analogy. I’d rather be a mutant than a human any day. In my opinion, we have a greater appreciation for all things out of the ordinary.

  2. X-Men has always been like a side commentary on LGBT people and racism to me. I still love X-Men and I LOOOVED the Rouge from the original cartoon, but I don’t care for moody and gloomy Rouge from the last two cartoons or the movies.

    I’d love to be a mutant. I always wanted to have Jean Grey’s powers, so I could read minds and throw people across rooms with mine lol.

  3. I Love x-men to the core!! Matter of fact that’s why Stan lee created x-men to hiring up the fact that “normal society” looks down on people who are different either by the way they look or act. If a person does not fit the cookie cutter image they are looked at as normal. By me being a x-men freak I say the movie was hella good but they utterly distroyed the x-men universe. For example the real first class was cyclops, Jean, beast, angel ( not the one in the movie the white guy), and ice man, there were a lot more but that was the main one. And if I could be a mutant I would want beast powers, I think climbing on stuf and being all acrobatic is cool plus he was a super genus.

  4. X-Men is my ish (the comics) – never got behind the cartoons too tough. I was a Transformers, Thundercats, Voltron boy. And I loveded the movie – though we still gotsa to be the first to go :-/

    I’d want Magneto’s powers…so much you could do with that…

  5. I was just about to say that omg007. I was talking to one of my friends about why the creator wrote the comics in the first place and he told me it was about basically the same thing omg007 was saying. The theme coincides with racism and gays and lesbians rights. I find it intriguing. If I had to choose I would like to be the male “Storm and Psyclocke” Those women fought like men on the arcade game.

  6. I really identified with Mystique. She was tellin my story. I’ve always loved the Xmen. I thought i was gonna be a comic artist…………because i thought i was too strange, fat, etc. to pursue my true passion. I love Marvel movies with a message.

  7. Jamari, marry me! X-men got me thru my high school years and coming to terms with being ‘different’ from everybody else. These mutants were more humane than the humans they choose to protect. If I had to choose a power, it would def have to be teleportation like Nightcrawler or Majik.

  8. I loved Mystique and her whole back story. I named my car after her lol. Besides the fact that blue is my favorite color and Mystique is my favorite mutant; I really enjoyed the first class movie and it’s “hidden messages”. I’ll probably see it again in theaters.

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