Jamari Fox = 0 Points


So picture this…
You been crushing on a Wolf/Fox for a while.
He been throwing you hints like things are looking up and he wants YOU.
You thinking to yourself, “I got this mofo where I want him…

…. and then,
being Secret Squirrel,
you find out he either has a girlfriend, girlfriends, or wife.

That’s just not mellow.

I will admit, the question mark game sucks.
The whole guessing game sucks.
One I felt I have been an ongoing contestant of for most of my adult life.
You step up to the podium,
with what you think is the right answer,
but then you find out that maybe you were wrong.
Isn’t that the worst?
I know for me it is a major downer; loser status.
You feel discouraged from even playing the game again because you do not want to be wrong… again.
But for whatever reason, a new question mark game pops up and you are sucked right back in like a faithful fan in hopes one day, you maybe right.

But, my thing is this…
you didn’t imagine the stares and the glances.
The “what you thought” was flirting.
That feeling deep inside that you were right.
The way he looks at you like like he is looking right into your spirit.

Doesn’t it hurt that maybe, just maybe, you were wrong?

It happened to me just yesterday.
A Wolf at my job I thought was secretly checking for me is now a “!”.
I was going with the flow and doing me, but I just did my thing.
But I knew and had this deep down feeling that he was feeling me.
That is until I heard he has a girlfriend,
(or some female he is fucking in one of the departments)…
and some other Vixens on his roster from work…
which means he is “knee deep in work pussy”.

But, you know what?

Fuck that…
because I thought I was right.
Even though it is one of the deadly sins to mess with a coworker…
…something about him drew me to him.
And it wasn’t JUST his looks or his body.
When it comes to Wolves and playing “the question mark” game…

At what point do we stop playing…. period?

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16 thoughts on “Jamari Fox = 0 Points”

  1. you stop when you realize he is playing the game cause wolves like to play those kinda games when they want somthing.

    1. the thing with him…
      is when we are around people, he is cold and says nothing.
      which in turn makes me say “fuck you” and keep on doing my thing.

      never fails as soon as no one is around,
      he wants to say “hey wassup” or even worst, when i am talking to someone else, he wants to laugh at my jokes.

      so wtf is it?

  2. You know what I learned dealing with ALL dudes?


    Either dude is straight and really doesn’t give a damn, he’s curious and playing it cool, or he gets down and he knows the game.

    In any event he isn’t obsessing over it, so you shouldn’t either. You said it yourself he laughs at your jokes when you are talking to someone else.

    As soon as guys realize they’re not the center of your universe they become intrigued and want to at least prove to themselves they can have you if they wanted to. Not ALL guys, but MOST of them.

    I’ve pulled many dudes that were out of my league by simply acting like I didn’t give a damn.

    1. and THAT is what I do.
      and I don’t even respond when he speaks.
      When I ignore him like he is the black plague,
      he wants to get my attention.
      it’s so backwards.
      maybe because he is use to all the attention that when someone isn’t acknowledging him, it is a blow to his ego.

      i notice when i do that “i dont give a damn” jamari,
      every wolf wants to get at me but once i start liking them,
      i’m like a bill collector on a past due date.

      it is so easy to get caught up with a wolf.
      since i have the power, i’m going to rule that mofo.
      I love a good challenge.

  3. Jamari no offense but leave him b. Think about it if he craves attention befor you start talking he’s gona want all the attention in the relationship. Think about the wold kingdom most preditors like there prey to be easy the second they fight back the predator falls back. It’s the same since you give him the goo goo eyes and he think he won something. But if you wana still peruse him just b carful he could seem like a wolf but in the end he’s a Jakel

  4. I been interacting with this guy for ten years;four of them working at the same site where I eventually left and the rest as my barbour.I was never sure where he stood sexually but his interactions with me was enough to come to a conclussion that we would be the ultimate boy-boy relationship. When his girlfriend recently showed up at the barbour shop that became a disappointing and defining moment for me to question myself on rather or not I wanted this kind of charactoristic to be part of my relationship with him or any bi-wolf like him. My charactor do not tolerate sharing in this case so my answer is; no!…being my babour I kno the game aint over but one thing is for sure I am more defined about what I want.

  5. Being retrospective today;I’m walking in the faith the substance of things hoped for; I have no time for entertaining drama…

  6. Been there, done that..got the sweaty ass t-shirt to prove it..ummm why you ask..because it’s ALOTTA F**KING WORK and the majority of which is totally unnecessary. My work-related question mark became an answer when I was working for a dot comer a few years ago. I’m happy go lucky worker bee in my department, doing my thang, minding my own business then walks in Mr. Ex-Marine. From jump-street he would play the game and I would play along; back and forth like a damn see-saw. I became the sounding board for all of the multiple ex wives drama; baby -mama drama; even went to his home on several occasions to help him with his personal computer and cookouts with his friends. I listened but what advice could I give, I have never been in the military, never been married or divorced for that matter and have zero in the kid department. WTH? But I was a good friend. The hints game turned into remarks about my body and even touchy feely when folks were not around. The “So what’s up” came and went. I think the part of the tease that got him off is that he knew I wanted it. I was full aware of what he was “workin wit” when a drunkened night of cards with co-workers, I heard a female co-worker say he got that “baby leg dick” and another chick replied “Mmmmhmmmm” All the while I am in there cleaning up his damn kitchen and recalling to myself he borrowed my damn car the week before. But I was determined to get my answer to the question mark. Fast forward to a cookout at his home; I have met his sister and 2 kids already. This particular evening no kids, after the festivities had concluded I helped to clean up but started to feel ill. He ushered me to his bedroom and told me to lie down and he would be up in a few. A few passed and he came up; he told me to spend the night. He slept downstairs on the couch. The next morning was Saturday and I was really sick. He brought me soup and juice in bed; later that afternoon I felt better and I went home. In my head I am thinking OKAY he is daddy right? And he could soooo been daddy. He was big and thick in all the right places AND he was smart and caring, which he showed me. A couple weeks later he invited me to meet him downtown for martinis. I got a tad bit drunk and I basically told him I want some of that dick, and he replies I know you do but you can’t handle all this dick YET. I almost fainted. Next thing I know he driving my car more than me and he even wrecked the muthafucka but I got it fixed. Still to do this day, I never even touched the dick, licked the dick, swallowed the dick, rode the dick, milked the dick…NOTHING…NADA..NOT A DAMN THANG!!! Answer = He was USING ME! Wise up foxes, sooner than later!! There are alot of wolves out there in sheep’s clothing. !!!

  7. Zeus; I’m glad u took the time out to tell your story. This is one of many reasons why I keep my HEART and other personel me under rapps cause a wolf/fox has to pass all the tests before I open myself to them. Its always a challenge when the chemistry is so strong, it’s the web that trap u into some bullticky that take time to undo. Your story made me stronger!

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