How you gonna go from
all the way Daddy…

To my grandfather…


Where are his eye brows?
Why is he looking like a cancer patient?
How did him and Tyson become so chummy?
Shit, Tyson looks terrible too.
Tyson looks like he has 5 kids and runs a retail store in Soho.

Even Nicki is UP-SET!



This is so disrespectful…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “WTF HAPPENED TO DEVIN THOMAS?!?!?!”

  1. OMG Fire your Barber, you are too good looking to be going around looking like this, this is unacceptable and inexcusable.

      1. Maybe it happened during his Twitter babble/rant a few days ago…

        Either that or the mofo tried to dye his hair & that is looked like Boo-Boo the clown…

  2. 1) You should be happy he’s chummy w/Tyson – means he just may actually be down to be yo Daddy lol

    2) Why do they both look a hot mess?! Did you try a new design that didn’t work out? An S-curl incident? Perm gone bad?

    3) Some people look sexier w/no hair. Devin, you’re not one of them. Conversely, Tyson, you need to let the Fu-Manchu go…you look bad WITH hair. #thatisall

    1. Tyson is very sketchy, but still….

      Does not excuse the fact he looks like he has been swimming in nose candy!!!!!

      Wasn’t he just buff and fine like two days ago?!?!

  3. DAMN!

    Something in the milk ain’t clean. Someone stole his sexy AND snatched his eyebrows, all his facial hair, and a good solid 20 pounds. What the damn? This NFL Lockout situation needs to end post haste.

    Fan out, we need facts and footage, PRONTO! Somebody know something!

    Everybody scroll up to that Kimora Lee pic and tell me who that man is to the right. I don’t know who that man is at all.

    1. that is the picture that made me go:


    2. That’s Redman hugging up on Kimora Lee; doing some twisted Devin Thomas impression…

    3. I know! He looks HORRIBLE! I didn’t think it would be THIS BAD. We need a prayer circle NOW.

  4. LMAO LOOOOOOOOOOOL. Jamari i send my deepest condolences cause this shit aint right. Idk whats going on but you need to keep that wolf on a leash until hes able to be around people.

  5. Normally I don’t find him to cute in the face, but that last photoshoot of his you posted had me changing my mind. Now you go and post THIS…. All I can say is I’ve never heard of any right minded person shaving off their eyebrows for no reason (that’s without even mentioning the weight loss with it).

    I’m thinking he’s either sick or doing drugs.

  6. Nononononono! I can’t. and I wont stand for this! is he even in the NFL anymore? and that last picture…chiiile.

  7. I don’t even know what to say, SMH thankfully MrLandry30 is daddy replacement… WTH Devin!

  8. Maybe he decided to try drag and put an ad out on Backpages to get some $ during this lockout?

  9. He is smaller but i think its the fact that he’s missing his eyebrows and goatee that makes it so hard to look. Who knew that missing a few pieces could literally transform someone?

    I’ve seen Tyson before upclose and even when is buffed, he is just normal sized. I don’t know whats going on with him. Maybe he is trying to fit sample sizes to compete with the new black models.

    1. Tyson is supposedly retired. He’s gotta be around 40, so he can’t really compete w/the newer models. If people want him, that’s cuz of his name…

  10. I am soooo upset!! I cant beleive this..what am i gonna do in my fantasies with this new guy?? What the hell happened to him?? Something is so off with Devin. Please come back old Devin and all will be forgiven.

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