When Did This Happen To Michael B. Jordan?


….and why was i not invited?
um michael b. jordan is debuting big arms ‘n’ shit.
this was him at the mayweather fight last night.
^this strolled down my tumblr tl on some “wait a damn minute…”
whats next?

and a fat bubble???

no complaints in my font either!
either way…

“hi michael…”

tumblr_mb6nfqB1vY1rfov7to1_400see more: just jared jr

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “When Did This Happen To Michael B. Jordan?”

  1. It could be that he’s changing his body for a role. For example, Robert DeNiro for his role in “Cape Fear”. On the other hand, sometimes actors and singers change their bodies to pump up interest and make more money. For example, Trey Songz and any number of singers and rappers. And sometimes they pump up just because they want to and can afford personal trainers. For example, Eddie Murphy.

  2. He’s doing that Rocky prequel Creed. He plays the next generation fighter son of one of the older characters. And he’s taking on Human Torch in Fantastic Four reboot. So either role may require a bigger chest/arms. On another not, MBJ is one of my favorite young actors. I smiled when I saw him on here. Glad you’re noticing him Jamari!

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