Daddy, Lets Take Our Ratchet Love To Hollywood

love-hip-hop-hollywoodi felt it was like a train wreck that i couldn’t turn away from…
was i the only one who felt this way?
so tonight,
“love and hiphop hollywood” premiered.
this show is one a whole new level of ratchet,
but i have a quick breakdown

1. o-cakes had some good scenes.
oh wait.
you thought i meant…
oh no.
i didn’t mean him and his baby mama issues.
the star of his story line.
i’m sure what every wolf tuned in to see.
the cakes.
“i’m known for having a lot of swagg”<<<<
oh is that so?
coulda fooled me.

2. the purple highlights.
the nose ring.
the gold teethus
i did not know o-cakes mama looked like that…

3. does ray j have good dick?
i mean we saw the sex tape,
but this makes no sense.
plus his cakes are gone so he gotta go…

4. terror mari better milk this “crazy hoe” storyline.
i’m wild confused at the fact she going off about a box of clothes.
at one point,
i don’t even think she knew what she was mad at.

“was it the box?
was it the fact he got a new chick?
bitch just be mad about something!…” – her ratchet side

 5. like his music,
i don’t really care too much about soulja boy’s storyline.
so he can go…

 6. i never thought lil fizz was cute.
even in high school.
all the hoes pussies needed a “wet floor” sign when it came to him.
now thooooo…
now i might have to reconsider.
he looks grown.
he also look like he smoke that cali bud on the regular.
definitely destroy his pipe in the bed.
if they had added j boog to this cast,
you could as well handed them both my drawz.Jockstrap7. fizz baby mama got that crazy coochie.
all the wolves low key love crazy coochie/booty.
as much as they claim they don’t,
they will fuck the shit out of some crazy hoe who keyed their car.
she looks like the type who would randomly show up at the studio,
smear her shit all over the door,
set his mama on fire,
and would still get a good fuckin’ because she got that crazy coochie.
don’t sleep on the power of crazy coochie.

8. two of these she-jackals on this show look like straight up trannys.
i’m sure you know who i am talkin’ about.

honestly this hollywood version seems like a birth control ad.
it should really be call:

“love and hiphop: the scream tour”

i’m sure every wolf has performed on it.
if these love and hiphop shows don’t make you feel good about your life…
well unless you a fellow ratchet that is.

x watch full episode here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Daddy, Lets Take Our Ratchet Love To Hollywood”

  1. I only watched for Omarion and Apryl to be honest. I really don’t like the rest of the cast, and I don’t think I’m going to be into this series like ATL and NY. Lil Fizz is cute, but he is a lil too cute. Nah

  2. Yeah I wasn’t feeling it at first but than fine ads lil fizz showed up and I nearly died. He looks real good solo i’ll keep watching but mari needs therapy she’s gets angry about dumb shit too easily…………… which will probably make for good TV ^_^

  3. I’m only tuning in for Teairra Mari.
    but I think I might like Fizz’s baby mama. She scares the hell out of me though. She’s got that “i watch you in your sleep” kinda demeanor. Like she seems like she would kill somebody and laugh about it.

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