When Keeping It Real Could Get You Stabbed

keeping-it-realwell coulda…
i am proud of myself today.

i did not FLIP on this ignorant pineapple this morning.
i actually handled it like a classy fox and kept it real with myself…

so this morning,
i woke up extremely tired and cranky for some reason.
it was monday.
i hate monday.
i was also snoozing myself to OD.
it was my fault.
i admit it.

HDE4uEP…so i had to power walk my ass up the block to the train.
missing the train i was supposed to be on.
when i got on the “you’re late” train,
it was crazy packed so i was at the door.
i had my music blasting with my “gold era” playlist.
i needed my morning mix to get me pumped for the day.
the train was moving sketchy,
so i decided to grab onto the rail for support.
it was too my right and i had to stretch to hold onto it.
i didn’t have my hand on there for a good five minutes,
when i noticed this pineapple next to me going off in my peripherals.
i mean he had hand motions and his face didn’t look happy.
he then got in my face and started flippin out on me.
he was also a bum.
like a straight bum.
no seriously.
he was a homeless jackal.
from what i could make out,
he didn’t want me holding onto the rail next to him.

a_610x408everyone in the train started looking in his direction.
i just knew he was causing a scene.
now i was already moody AF.
i really wanted to take my headphones off and say:

what the fuck are you talking about?????”

…but i decided to pick my battles.
he was homeless which means he had nothing to lose.
i could have let my inner ratchet out on him,
but what would it have solved?
a fight?
him stabbing me to death over a rail he apparently owned?
me being the next dumbasss on worldstar?
so what i did?
took my hand off the rail,
turned my ass around,
and gave him a heavy ignore.
i could tell he was still going off behind me,
and people were looking at me,
but whatever.
realistically i pay taxes for this train,
so technically that rail is mine,
but since you want to own it,
then be my guest.
i went back to listening to my music and getting ready for my day.
it definitely wasn’t worth it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “When Keeping It Real Could Get You Stabbed”

  1. Proud of you, Jamari. You sized up the situation and employed good sense. You were already running late. Complicating matters by challenging him was not worth it. More brothers would be alive today if they had good reasoning abilities. The advice I would offer is to be careful about turning your back on someone who could be deranged.

    1. ^thanks OH.
      thanks everyone.
      he had me TITE!
      ive learned over the years that some battles you need to withdraw from.
      you are right on turning my back to him.
      I completely forgot about that.
      thank you.

  2. I’m glad you have self control because me personally I would have made a scene for his ass. Gave him a broadway performance 🙂

  3. Y’all giving him props, but you know Jamari ain’t gonna bust a grape, swat a fly or step on a worm lol. Nah, I’m kidding. I remember that church incident he told us about where he snapped on someone in church lol.

    Some homeless people are known to flip out on regular folks, it happen, but you did good by keeping your cool. Plus you live in a large city full of people, some may be nice and some may be rude. You have to be careful with the way you handle people in general to be honest.

  4. So-called “keeping it real” sounds to me like “keeping it stupid”. If I were in that situation, I would have–if possible–walked far away from him or even onto another part of the train. I avoid unsavory people. I find that avoidance of such people can save time and money and even lives.

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