he had a hunger someone older (but i didn’t think he’d find them on the streets)

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so before we start,
i just want to say we shouldn’t be shaming the older foxholers.
just because someone’s age is higher up in rank,
that doesn’t mean they’re out the game.
some of these dads out here be sexy AF.
i feel once you lose your youthful spirit,
or become gross and predatorial,
thats when you become “yuck”.
not sexy,
at all.

there are some mature wolves,
and foxes that will turn you out and have you screaming for Jesus tho.
with age definitely comes sexual experience.
all the young wolves with the cougars understand this.


WE all will also get older and age.
it’s stupid to be dense.
so a foxholer sent me the following from tumblr.
it’s a young wolf with a much older wolf.
i’m left confused tho…

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king james keeps the president seething

if you didn’t think he was the king before…
so lebron james is out here doing the Lord’s work.
as you know,
he just ( x opened up an elementary school ) called “i promise”.
it’s in his hometown of akron, ohio.
i bet if anyone tries to shade him,
all he gotta say is “open up a school”.
as you also know,
he called trump a bum in a tweet last year:

…and he explained more about it in a recent interview with don lemon:

well our busy and mature president found time to respond on his usual.
this is what he tweeted about lebron and even don…
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When Keeping It Real Could Get You Stabbed

keeping-it-realwell coulda…
i am proud of myself today.

i did not FLIP on this ignorant pineapple this morning.
i actually handled it like a classy fox and kept it real with myself…
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