he had a hunger someone older (but i didn’t think he’d find them on the streets)

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so before we start,
i just want to say we shouldn’t be shaming the older foxholers.
just because someone’s age is higher up in rank,
that doesn’t mean they’re out the game.
some of these dads out here be sexy AF.
i feel once you lose your youthful spirit,
or become gross and predatorial,
thats when you become “yuck”.
not sexy,
at all.

there are some mature wolves,
and foxes that will turn you out and have you screaming for Jesus tho.
with age definitely comes sexual experience.
all the young wolves with the cougars understand this.


WE all will also get older and age.
it’s stupid to be dense.
so a foxholer sent me the following from tumblr.
it’s a young wolf with a much older wolf.
i’m left confused tho…



We’re fuckin’ bums now?

it’s not that the giver is older,
but he looks allegedly homeless.
i mean he was putting in work on that young pipe,
with a very nice tail btw,
but i need an explanation.

Is this the latest thrill in these forests?

someone help me understand.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “he had a hunger someone older (but i didn’t think he’d find them on the streets)”

  1. This is why I .glad I stay celibate (mostly) for a good majority of my life. Folks these days will mess with anything. Don’t care about being clean, diseases or anything.

    I would tell my bf to use a condom regardless. It’s just hygienic to me. I still don’t think no one’s butt is THAT clean to be doing the stuff with random folks the way they do now.

    Mouth either. SMH.

    Find y’all one man, make sure he down for you and make you laugh and do the same for him. The streets out here are dirty.

    Same thing for the straights. They just as nasty.

  2. oh he nasty nasty. im all for being kinky & what not but it’s never THAT serious. this is OP and just dirty

  3. You are right Jamari, everyone does age. It is how you treat age that makes the difference. I accept My aging and take good care of myself I am attracted to Men age appreciate for me, cause please deliver me from creepy old men that are so out of line with younger men. I don’t have a tumblr account so I could not watch the video.

  4. I don’t think it was dick that homeless man was craving. That man probably wanted drugs or money and they did that to humiliate him.

  5. Ew… that whole setting is looks unsanitary.

    And tbh I’m in my early 20s and I find mature guys attractive (40s). Well the ones who take care of themselves of course. There’s nothing more sexier to me than a grown man with nicely groomed salt & pepper beard, deep manly voice, big chunky hands and a nice physique. Boris Kodjoe is one of the finest men ever in my eyes, he can get these walls anytime LOL.

    Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, Lenny Kravitz, LL Cool J, Shemar Moore, Michael Jai White etc. are very sexy to me also.

  6. Must be one geared ass bum. Trimmed and he had a rock in his ear. Because of the backpack? I can’t deal with y’all shady, uptight asses some times lmao. Not everyone cares for those perfect, muscular men.

    In the hood you see some Jerry Springer shit. I got stories for days. We got a old local alcoholic that stays at an abandoned house and shits on himself. He’s still getting girls. People caught and exposed this young, sexy trade that was fresh out the joint (got turnt out inside too) giving him head. The trade was with this gorgeous lil slim thick girl at the time.

    He never denied it and didn’t seem embarrassed. The slim thick girl’s uncle, who has rep on the block, tried to clown him and run up on him. Dude dodged every blow and caught the uncle with a two piece when he got fed up before everyone made them stop.

  7. And it was another person on the bench!!! Look the video as disturbing as it is again it was another person the at was recording???? What the f%&*#?? !! I’m chillin from now on. It is me and my my silicone companion from now on!!! I been “Hot” but that’s gonna have to be it cause these dudes is wild. I can’t be sexing you outside!!!

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