yet another gay couple on racthet tv? (love and hiphop)

so they’ve been trying to add gay characters on “love and hiphop”.
some are friends,
others are problematic,
and we’ve seen some #relationshipgoals of sorts.
for the next season of “love and hiphop atlanta”,
they’re adding another gay couple to the roster.
a foxholer sent me the story via “the blast”

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” is diving into uncharted, but hopefully positive, territory by featuring its first gay male couple as regular cast mates on the show.

Reps for Atlanta natives Prince Carter and Zachary Jones confirm the two men have signed on for the upcoming season of the popular VH1 reality show. We’re told production kicked off last week.

Carter is deeply involved in the ATL scene, and is considered one of the top socialites in town. He’s also interviewed a bunch of the current “LHH” stars, including Mimi Faust, Karlie Redd, Momma Dee, Bambi and Erica Dixon. We’re told Jones is a fashion model who regularly works with Fashion Nova.

We’re told Carter has also become extremely close friends with Karlie Redd, and will more than likely be involved with her storyline on the show.

The guys tell The Blast, “As an African American gay male couple it’s tough as hell in today’s society and there are sooooooooooo many stigmas we’re up against. We are two big personalities who just happens to love each other dearly,” adding that, “With this platform we want to show that love has no face or color. But love is all about treating others with respect. Allowing people to just live their best lives.”

They also tell us they are excited to show a “Gay relationship in more of a positive light.”

they’re playing the “gay friend to a vixen while dating someone”.
these are a few shots of prince:

and zachary:

does any of the foxhole know them?
whats the bts?
my thoughts:


they’ve had gay characters on the “love and hiphop” chitlin circuit.

they’ve had full blown fights with their spouses on there too.
they’ve even had DL ones playing straight as well.
that’s according to the foxwire,
but i digress.
as the iconic,
miranda priestly from “devil wears prada”,

i’m not excited about some reality show drama,
but kudos for them making (another?) splash.
folks tune into ratchet tv to see shenanigans.
common folks fighting about common issues.
if they don’t bring it,
they’ll quickly vote them off that island next season.
even with the drama,
they don’t really last either.
see: the other gays who came and went on there.
i won’t be tuning in,
but good luck!

lowkey: i like my gay couples on a good drama.
at times,
some of them are forced tho.

article cc: the blast

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “yet another gay couple on racthet tv? (love and hiphop)”

  1. I use to follow Zachery on ig, dnt remember wat it was, but he seemed cool, think he use to work as a jeweler, he would often go live from work, other then that pretty regular takes cute pics

  2. Pass….I’m waiting on another series with substance that can stand on its own merit without being the vixen friend angle. Absolutely loved the DL Chronicles series professionally shot with substance hopefully they will resume that series in the very near future as well as movies from Patrik-Ian Polk among others. However, the key is our supporting them just like the series Pose. All the other series coming out seem to be a cross between a porn flick and light acting. Who says there has to be a sex scene or fights for viewership?

  3. They won’t be shown in a “positive light” at all. They will be the stereotypical gay character that is shown on all programs. Nothing new or groundbreaking.
    It’s time for “reality” shows to end.

  4. Lol people still watch this clown ass show? Jamari I think your reality TV purge has passed onto me. I’m just not interested anymore. More celeb wannabes come to a overly rehearsed contrived show just to stir “drama”. Its all redundant at this point. I miss when reality TV was a guilty pleasure that wasn’t ubiquitous like 10+ years ago.

    Now with the upsurge of social media and more people trying to be famous, it seems like there is just about a reality show for everything. And they ALL produce the same type of content. Black In Crew, Married 2 Medicine, Housewives, Love & Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, Growing Up Hip Hop etc. all different names with a different cast all producing the same BS.

    And when you look deeper into it you realize that most of the cast members don’t have much going on outside of these shows. So they aren’t interesting either. Adding a gay couple into a reality show doesn’t change its dynamic in any form, it just adds more pigs to roll in the mud. They just happen to be gay pigs. The shit is still a mess. I need substance at this point.

    1. ^im glad i’m not the only one.

      every time i say ima try to watch a season of ratchet tv,
      i never do.
      my body physically won’t let me.
      every clip is a pack of wild animals fighting about literal nonsense.
      this is why i knew nothing about cardi prior.
      i never saw her on that show to become a fan.

      gimme a good show with a plot.

  5. Used to follow Zach on IG and he was one of the more tolerable attentionistos, seemed harmless enough. Good for him

  6. Mona never gives up on the gay storyline. The thing is, your rarely see any positive portrayal of our community in a positive way on there. Zach is from the DMV, and I have known of him for years, but not personally.

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