you ever think to yourself:

“If this person was single,
I can only imagine how disrespectful their DMS probably would be?”

for someone like jason momoa,
who debuted all this as aquaman:

you’d imagine that his wife,
lisa bonet,
wasn’t letting him go.
his now ex-wife,
lisa bonet,
and he has decided to call it quits in their 16 years of being together…


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don’t even sleep cause lisa bonet dms is probably poppin’ right now too.

i’m glad it’s amicable and not messy.
they were a very sexy couple and both seem like a good time.
i won’t lie to you tho,
his hyperactive ass looks like he’d wear on you after a while.
he is the type that will teach you how to throw an ax,
chug 20 beers at one time,
wrestle a bear to impress you,
and smash in a barn on his farm

…and then you’d happily head home until the next adventure.
i heard rumblings about his alleged cheating and money issues,
but all marriages have their issues.
nothing is perfect and we’d like to think folks will work it out.


from folks irl and these “been together for years” celebrity marriages ending,
i guess it shows even marriage won’t last either.
i use to look at couples like lisa and jason and envy their long-lasting relationships,
complete with all the lovey-dovey shit,
but i’m often skeptical of the circus people like to perform when they’re unhappy.
there is a single jason momoa roaming these forests now.
who’s next to ride that post-divorce wave?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Wow… This is gonna be interesting. I can’t imagine who he’s gonna date after being with Lisa Bonnet . ( seems like an eternity )

    I will be stalking … er… uhh .. I mean watching .

    Jason is a “Rare Phyne” indeed.. He may end up with “A Rihanna “,or I can see him dating across Genders !!!

  2. Well, they been together for almost 17 years so that’s an accomplishment in itself in Hollywood. Lisa met Jason when he was an unknown and now that he’s getting more shine and notoriety, getting invited to all the Hollywood parties, etc its going to his head. Plus there’s like a 12 year age gap between them, Jason is 42 and having a Robin Thicke “Back then ya didnt want me, now Im hot, yall on on me” moment and Lisa is just like “Been there, done that. You go have fun in your moment in the spotlight boo boo. Imma stay home and enjoy my well deserved peace and quiet.” Dont expect to find out a few months from now Jason got some model/influencer girl pregnant. Hopefully, Jason realizes that the party wont last forever and plan/save for the future cuz once his looks fade as he gets older, Hollywood will use him up and spit him out like a dirty Kleenex tissue.

      1. Oh you know it! I used to have the biggest crush on him during his Baywatch days. He gives me that freak nasty yet playful energy.

  3. He manifested her being his wife at 8 years old…she was 20 and said one day she’s going to be my wife. I cannot imagine Lisa, who is extremely private did anything. She’s out living in the bush on her land one with nature. There were rumors of cheating with a costar and his more active life. 17ish years and teenage kids. It’s like people aren’t built for the long haul anymore

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