remember this iconic gif of ray j and that tail of his?
ray j use to bring the bakery.
when i think of all the times ray j’s concealed cake has been exposed,
he was always wearing black drawz.
besides this moment:

ray j wanted to school us the importance of wearing black drawz.
It’s to help those who wash our drawz not see our doo-doo streaks


what grown-ass male is still having someone do their laundry?
i bet it’s these low self-esteemed vixens playing housewives.
that is the epitome of lazy to me especially if you own a washer and dryer.

now white underwear is a different kind of beast and reveals all.
it’s like a crystal ball on your ass.
we have discussed this subject in nausea about keeping a clean hole,
especially if you want someone to eat your groceries.
thats just plain ol’ mean if you let someone eat your filthy male snatch.
i dun fonted ya’ll…

Don’t stop wiping until the highlighter has no more ink.


if it still has ink after 50 something wipes,
it’s time for you to hop in the shower.
if you are taking shits at work or school,
even out in public somewhere,
ima needs you to wipe and flush until you see nothing or a tiny bit of ink.

Don’t even THINK this is just the straights dealing with this issue.

some gays can be nasty af.
people can be nasty af but this conversation is about male cheeky habits.

When I use to work the front desk at recent and past jobs,
I’d always have more complaints about the women’s bathroom.
Blood and shit everywhere or overflown toilets filled with pads.
The women’s bathroom was always a disaster compared to a backed-up toilet in the men.

unless you had an accident,
there is no reason anyone should be walking around with doo-doo-stained undies.

lowkey: some people have no pride.
some of us are overly concerned about how we carry ourselves.
we can thank our perfectionist parents.

others weren’t trained to be that way.
they literally were raised to be raggamuffins.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Jamari, you ain’t never done laundry drop-off? It’s a game changer lol..

    But this shit (no pun intended) is pathetic. Grown azz men just need to wipe their azzes like decent human beings. They sell handheld toilet bidets on Amazon for $20, but wet wipes are available at the damn dollar tree!

    The other thing is walking around w drawz up their cracks. If they fart/shart w drawz up the crack, it’s gonna um, leave a mark.

    But, I guess the first thing we have to convince the straights to do is wash between the crack/the actual hole. Smh

    1. ^i use to fuck heavy with drop off.
      i forgot all about drop off since i started doing my own laundry.
      i think i stopped because i had a lot of clothes to wash and didn’t wanna pay the money to have it done.
      i may start it back again.

      1. I was gonna say! Esp as a nyer lol. I stopped during covid layoff since there was no reason for me to have nodamnwhere to be, on unemployment, and doing drop off. But I asked because you said ‘what grown ass man is still having someone else do his laundry’, but I get how you meant it.

  2. Chile i I been using wet wipes since I was 7 (💅🏾) I will never understand how people STILL only use toilet paper, Toliet paper alone has NEVER made me feel clean! It just smears it up in there! Breaking apart & ish 😖 Scott Wet wipes are the only way to go for me!

  3. I remember a scene in ‘Oz’ when Adebisi took a shit, and immediately put his draws and pants back on — I know it’s prison, but c’mon!

    And speaking of wet wipes, DON’T stick them up the booty when wiping ‘with precision’. It can cause days of irritation (trust me, I learned the hard way).

    And DON’T flush wet wipes in the toilet — even if it says it’s flushable. It’s bad for the plumbing system, and (I guess) the environment.

    1. You get that Diaper Rash feeling, I know what you mean, babyyyyyy! That raw feeling with leftover soap, nothing nice at all! Now we as adults see what babies feel when they get a diaper rash. That is not a good thing. I follow up with Scott tissue after a dude wipe. Walmart sells Dude Wipes and Dollar Tree definitely sells some too. They even got Deodorant Wipes at Dollar Tree. I can only go at home or if I know its a clean spot, like an Admin bathroom after they leave, not trusting open public toilets. Too many people got dirty dicks and asses. Not to mention the ones that bust a nut on the seats and get up and leave.

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