even though he was balls deep in a male, tanksnlove is still straight

tanksnlove is either deranged or he is trolling.
i hope the latter tbh.
please Lawd,
let it be the latter.
a foxholer sent me what he posted on his onlyfans.
he seems to not be reacting well to the attention of his “male on male” videos are getting…

what is you doing?
so here’s the thing…

It’s okay to be bisexual.

it’s hot actually.
i’ve seen you throw pipe into a vixen with the force of thor’s hammer.
( x see it here )
you have been the giver and receiver with a male thus far.
no one likes or supports anyone who is in denial.
your fanbase is about to drop your ass for these silly stunts.
welcome to your new public life of bisexuality.
the more you embrace it; the less scary it will be.
the bisexuals are waiting to welcome you with open arms.
they have a mug and t-shirt in your welcome package.
leave the confusing games to the kardashians.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “even though he was balls deep in a male, tanksnlove is still straight”

  1. There are so many ways to make money. His reasoning is flawed. I hate to say this about another human.
    He’s stupid.

  2. I’m sorry but you can’t fuck Men and Women on camera and then claim to be straight. Straight Men don’t fuck other Men….at all. These niggas want to do everything under the Sun yet don’t want to be associated with being gay. It’s OK to take gay dollars yet being called gay offends Him? Gtfoh lol

    1. This is an issue of what is morally right during this pandemic. Screwing another dude on OnlyFans makes you bisexuality at the bare minimum. Fast money is not good money and there are better ways to earn in adult entertainment. Gay-for-pay is so over rated anyway. Just my thoughts.

  3. What’s wrong working down at Home Depot? He does realize that by doing all these dumb as videos for a flash in the pan money which we all know it’s tens of thousands at a time, he will never have a normal life ever again?

    Pray for when that psychological revelation breaks he won’t harm himself.

    Fast money ain’t always good money

  4. Call me crazy but I believe him 🤷🏾‍♂️ It really should be common knowledge by now that men in straight porn make nothing, everyone is looking at the women and the man is forgotten (unless you have an extremely big penis, which Tanks does not) now when you switch to gay porn and are an attractive man the attention is on you & your numbers go up. Theres so many straight men that work at gay clubs as bar tenders because they make CRAZY tips, but still at the end of the night they go home to their girlfriends 🤷🏾‍♂️ People can believe what they choose but I bet u no Male is gonna get love, validation or a relationship from Tank, so him being “gay” or “Bi” is worthless anyway, the straight folk can have him

    1. Exactly! He’ll never exclusively date a dude although he may “talk” to one for perks of using them but he will never be emotionally invested in a man which is why I don’t u derstand wht he’s saying. He’s playing the gay community like a violin. Sex means nothing to him, so to fuck a man is like… ehhh it’s a check but it’s no deep connection which is why it bothers some.
      Attractive in the straight world is so different In the gay world. Imo he looks like a average straight guy in my city… but in the gay world he’s “trade” and deemed damn near a 10…. he’s cute but eh.

    2. This made sense to me. I mean “duh”, but I didn’t look at it until I read your comment. I’m glad you spoke on it.

  5. There are very few people on the internet that are more annoying than him. There is a market for him to make money in the straight world. All of this lying is for what exactly?

  6. I’m actually worried about him. I feel like he lashing out because he depressed or aint happy how his life is going at the moment. I feel like what he doing and how he behaving is his version of Britney Spears when she shaved her head and broke that car window, only difference is she was able to push through, possibly with a good support system. Him on the other hand, Im not sure if he has one or atleast real friends to talk to him and support him. Malik gonna chew him up and spit him out and once he done with him, unless he able to scam Bobby Lytes, nobody gonna wanna fuck with him because he used up and he can kiss getting a normal job goodbye because of his history. I hope he makes it through

    1. This!!! I mean I know the money wasn’t All That but he could have done his own Sip n Paint business or branched into anything else.

      This dude needs friends and family coz he’s on a colition cause

  7. I wish y’all would stop giving this Lame ass dude attention…..He likes Shit up his ass including A penis. He ain’t straight and the intelligent people should ignore his attempts at trying to confuse the public about it. No Heterosexual man will fuck or touch a man sexually period….no matter how much money is involved. They aren’t aroused enough to lay down with a man. He may not be Gay in the sense of harboring emotional connections with men but his ass ain’t straight enough not to keep his Dick out of one either….. nor a Dick in him at that.

  8. There are so many guys on onlyfans who look just as good, and making so much damn money by just doing solo work. With no male or female involved. He can make just as much money or maybe even more doing solo content, since people don’t seem to be a fan of Malik anyway. He strikes me as young and weak minded, so I think he’s letting people and their request intimidate him. So he’s doing everything under the sun for a bag. He clearly doesn’t know how to finesse the onlyfans system. When you’re really attractive, you can be successful as a one man show. These guys either don’t know how to work the game and/or they’re doing this because they want too. I kinda feel bad, but at the same time I don’t

  9. Gays can be so harsh sometimes. The drugs has nothing to do with sexuality. Pretty much what Tank is basically saying is that he is a “Gay For Pay” guy. He makes gay videos for money. We gon go with that for now. There have been other porn stars that are gay for pay. Phat Daddy is a gay for pay porn star. At one time, Castro thought he was too. Ace Rockwood/John Johnson whatever he wants to go by is one but he is actually bi. Old school porn star Jake Steed was a gay for pay star. Byron Long was also a gay for pay star to. Byron Long looks like he could be Understand Trap daddy in real life. Jake did a jag off scene watching gay men have sex and he did a scene where he was eating a woman out while a guy gave him head. The head scene looked fake cause you really couldn’t see nothing. Byron long fucked a couple of guys. Yet he is a big Straight porn star with a bunch of gang bangs under his belt.

  10. Tank, let’s see. He played with a dildo on his own. He does jag videos with Malik, which at some point in a lot of guys life, you beat off with some guys, that’s not straight nor gay but what you watch kinda makes it gay like if you watch men only. Watching straight porn and a bunch of guys beating off… in our eyes thats gay but to them, its some freaky shit that none of you will tell anybody. Tank has done more than enough to be considered “curious”. He is in the Queer phase. He took dick but realized, he don’t like it. That’s curious. He got his dick sucked by Malik, multiple times. That’s not curious. He finally fucked Malik “on camera” that wasn’t curious either. Malik gave it all away that they been fucking already. Malik gave him that “look” and he stopped instantly! Only somebody who you have fucked with before knows what that look mean. If you don’t and you a virgin, he gave him that look like, “I told you this ain’t no woman pussy, slow down”. This we all know, they fucked before. They have been fucking around for a minute if not longer. This is not the first time Tank has fucked Malik. Tank knew what that ass felt like already. Every bottom who has fucked a straight guy knows, he is going to be real vocal how “this shit tighter than my girl shit” “damn nigga, you got bitch pussy”. So if Tank wants to identify as Gay for Pay, ok but make sure its with somebody or company that actually pays you. Onlyfans is not a studio. They don’t have a script or director. They play your personal videos that you make. People have posted 2 min jag videos and have a monthly subscription of $9.99. That doesn’t make them a porn star. Porn stars use onlyfans to make up for the money they can’t get from the studio because of the pandemic. Straight men don’t take dick at all. They do get their ass ate out tho. The bi men do play with dildos. Some straight guys just like the feeling of playing with the hole. Its some tops that like that feeling when they beat off and the wind blows gently on the hole with the covers right there on their thigh. I love it when I’m getting that sloppy toppy and the slob drooling my balls down to the gooch, omg. Talking about brick. Hell most straight guys dick can’t even get hard with another naked man in the room period.

  11. Tanksnlove is absolutely correct and while I’m not the biggest fan I definitely respect him speaking his truth even if nobody wants to accept it. First off in our current environment I thought it was all about how you choose to self-identify you have white folks talking about they’re black or transracial, you have bi-sexual, transexual, pansexual, non-conforming, etc. the list is almost endless and at some point, we’re just going to have to admit in our quest to shun labels we’ve created one ball of confusion.

    2nd let’s not pretend like “Gay for pay” is a new thing, it has been around for a long time and much respect for just being honest and upfront about it. It is extremely hard to live a truly American life based on the data; a stable American life means being able to afford rent or a mortgage by yourself without having to have 3 or 4 roommates, it means having a car and being able to afford car insurance and maintenance cost, it means having medical coverage, life insurance, retirement account, and a rainy day fund; and unfortunately, if you are black in this country, especially a heterosexual black male, you fall short on this basic list and that’s just facts. I don’t blame anyone who feels like in order to supplement their life they need to pursue sex work; I find it a sad commentary on the current state of our society, and I thank GOD that I don’t have to walk down that path, but I think people need to start reading what’s going on out here in America especially as black folks. I think we get too caught up in the illusion of black excellence where everyone is an entrepreneur two steps away from being a mogul; that’s not reality at all. We have to stop believing the hype of blackish, B.E.T, B.E.T+, B.E.Ther, Tyler Perry, Oprah and all of these depictions of a black elite class of people, yes; these people do exist but they are outliers in the margins, exceptions to the rule; most black people in America 2020 live like “ Good Times” and not the “ Jeffersons”. Is anybody looking at the news, do you not see all of the evictions that are happening and all of the homeless, and do we not realize and I was shocked to find that a staggering 50% of the homeless or people with housing insecurity are black. Honestly, much respect to Tanksnlove for admitting that he is struggling.

  12. I have more issues with all of YOU who keep on supporting this deadbeat motherfucker. This dude is playing y’all and you keep on supporting him to help keep up whatever facade he’s trying to pull. We keep on supporting these gay4pay guys because they know how easy & desperate we are to see dick & ass and it’s gross. He’s only doing what he’s allowed to do & he’s been allowed to do A LOT. Look at the coverage he’s getting. Nothing speaks louder than a lack of money and it’s well past time all of you stop supporting this loser ASAP. Maybe then, you’ll see him say “I’m gay/bi”.

    We need to do better.

  13. If a straight man (who also sleeps with the opposite sex) can keep his erect dick in another man’s butt for 5 mins or longer, then he’s bisexual, plain and simple. There is no nuance here.

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