so ya’ll done ruined pornhub!

 i got a depressing pornhub comment:


this is the most depressing news i’ve heaaaaaaard in a while.
the foxholers have been alerting me about these recent changes on the platform.

Pornhub is over.


Adult video giant Pornhub this week announced that it has taken the unprecedented step of removing millions of user-uploaded videos. The move, which the Canadian-born site calls “the most comprehensive safeguards in user-generated platform history,” arrives in the wake of a New York Times opinion piece that stated the “site is infested with rape videos.”

Pornhub announced last week that it would be limiting uploads to only verified users. Now, as noted by Motherboard, the service has suspended all videos for the site not uploaded by existing partners or members of its Model program. Suspended content will be subject to review by Pornhub early next year.

The service noted in a statement that the new model is arguably the strictest instituted by a content platform. “This means every piece of Pornhub content is from verified uploaders,” it writes, “a requirement that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter have yet to institute.”

The Times offered reports — some first-hand — of graphic exploitation. “I don’t see why search engines, banks or credit card companies should bolster a company that monetizes sexual assaults on children or unconscious women,” Nicholas Kristof wrote. “If PayPal can suspend cooperation with Pornhub, so can American Express, Mastercard and Visa.”

Major credit card companies ultimately followed suit. Last week Discover announced that it would cut ties with the service, following similar moves by Mastercard and Visa. That added incentive no doubt further pressured Pornhub to take even more aggressive action than already announced.

see this is the damn shit that happened with tumblr!
folks don’t how to act and fuck shit up.
there was so much good amateur talent on there.
i go on there and everything in my favorites was…


see this is why we can’t have nice things!

article cc: tech crunch

Author: jamari fox

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24 thoughts on “so ya’ll done ruined pornhub!”

  1. Oh my, I do find it kind of disappointing. But at the same time a line have be drawn how far some things goes.
    You have so individuals who keep pushing the line to the point where the line can’t be push anymore. Those type of individuals does not look nor care about the actions that goes comes alone with their fuck up actions.

    1. Oh well…OnlyFans is next! These corporations are about to stimulate the economy themselves by forcing them into getting real jobs (at their companies) or forming their own legit companies/studios. Yes I said it.

      1. You know me and my best friend had this same conversation just few days ago.
        I told him that only want be around for too long, because everybody and their mom getting on there making money tax free.

  2. I caught myself looking for a video in my history and couldn’t find it. Now I see why. It is in fact exactly what happened with Tumblr. We will just have to stick with personal forums in order to share sexy shit. My blog got a DMCA notice for adult content so I assume that WordPress is next.

  3. I blame the “Creeps” (I’M Being very nice).Most of us are normal adults who simply enjoy porn.Unfortunately, a disturbed segment [ who get off on”Rape”, Violence”, Uderaged subjects ,etc ] will always ruin it for us.

    Tumblr also fell victim to these “same users” [ Creeps ] who get off on porn that is,,, NOT ….between 2 consenting adults.

    I liken it to us sharing this country with'”TRUMP VOTERS”!! Individuals with poor judgement!

    1. You just had to get political and insult half the people in the U.S. didn’t you. Who has the bad judgement now? You.

  4. At first I was upset…literally in the midst of abusing some salami… But I’m actually glad. All the weird voyeurism videos and dudes videoing men in the bathroom, under stalls. Even jacking off near strangers and showing their reactions…enough is enough.

  5. They couldn’t just delete the offensive content?????? They dun nukes the whole site. SMH. So much content GONE.

  6. Do Pornhub knows that they will millions of viewers and they site will shutdown in less than a year? Not a goo decision business wise.

  7. I have all or most of my videos in my playlist 1 deleted and I have six videos only. I have 3 in my second playlist left. I am leaving Pornhub. I am deleteing and closing my account with them. I am going back to Xhamster or other places.

  8. I call BS, the problem is that everyone is made to feel ashamed and so nobody wants to defend sex work/ porn even though many if not most adult’s participle in its production or consumption. The porn industry alone is a 12 billion dollar a year industry, bigger than ABC, NBC, and CBS combined in annual revenue; the industry comes complete with AVN awards even Lexington Steele has an NAACP award. I get so tired of everyone trying to use kids as a reason to shut everything down, I do not want to be “Academically dishonest”, but I have not seen any confirmed incidents of legitimate kids i.e., people under the age of 18 truly being exploited on these sites. I highly doubt if even 0.012% of the content would even be considered inappropriate. I want to see a case brought before the public, where you have identified illegal content and actually brought a complaint against a perpetrator, but I never see a case like that in the news. Instead, we see fetishes played out so someone who is 27 years old legally but looks 15 has sex on camera and now we must have illegitimate conversations about children when no actual children were ever involved. It creates the proverbial slippery slope where you are going after the idea vs. an actual physical crime. It all started when people backed down when it was backpage, then it went to tumblr, now it is Pornhub (which is crazy because the name says what they are all about), next it will be onlyfans and then probably twitter. Honestly, I do not even think backpage and tumblr were legit complaints and those companies should have fought harder for the actual content on those sites vs. the perceived content on those sites. Let’s say for the sake of argument that you do come across illegal content , then hold that person accountable ban them, prosecute them, take that content down without taking away from everyone else, lets take it even further there is also a big difference between someone exploiting a child ( which should absolutely be punished when found out) and some 16 or 17-year-old who shouldn’t even have a cellphone sexting and taking and sending dick pics, and in that case, go after the kid, the parents and all parties involved…… but I never see that.

    I do not know about y’all I was never into Pornhub like that anyway, I just feel it’s the principle; if you have a problem with porn then say it with your whole chest don’t use kids. Also, for me, I might be new, but it seems like Twitter is the place to be when it comes to porn nowadays anyway, they seem to have some of the best content for some odd reason

    1. This is a great comment and a lot of it still holds true today. Because companies, lawyers, population at large, always hold like a wet paper towel when there is some threat, Real or imagined, to all that Gold they are grubbing.
      I think you’re absolutely right that the company should have a backbone and stand up for the things that are not obviously blatantly illegal. Also completely agree no one Worth having on your platform wants to see that anyway. I’ve spent many many shameless hours on PH, I never once have I ever seen anything that looked even close to rape or children. Period.
      if I had, it would’ve turned my stomach and I would’ve contacted the company immediately as I’m sure most users would do. Another reason why I completely disagree that it would be “Too much” to moderate that infinitesimally small amount of content that comes onto the platform buy a company with the resources that PH has. They would be actively notified regularly by users, on top of all of the moderators.
      This is just a weak blanket compliance as a way to beg and gravel so they can keep grubbing that gold. It’s absolutely disregards and displaces the community they are always talking about supporting, the very community PH built it’s billions off of. Thankfully, these transactors (visa, MasterCard, discovery) will very soon lose this dictatorial and nonsensical stranglehold and control they have over industry, incentive, creation, and commerce, as bitcoin and cryptocurrencies open peoples eyes to the fact that we don’t need ANY THIRD-PARTIES involve or influencing our transactions in any way.. We don’t need to give them trillions a year in transaction fees so they can tell us what we can and cannot spend our money on, or what services can and cannot share with us. It will be long coming and slow evolving, as the powers that be are loathe to relinquish that control, and that $$$.
      But as sure as the sun rises, this day will come. And there will be a lot of “bankers” and “financiers” forced to leave their contrived and unnecessary “Jobs” they have convinced us are so essential, and probably start applying for jobs add whatever site takes over when OF folds as they undoubtedly follow PH’s stellar example. I pray for this day.

  9. Pornhub did this to look more appealing to investors. They’ve been on some SJW tip lately so it’s no surprise that they’re trying to clean up their act. This is the same thing Tumblr did (damn near two years to the date) when they were trying to get bought out and Twitter took their traffic.

    If anyone is horny, xvideos and xhamster are still around (I wouldn’t mess with the other shadier sites unless without an ad blocker.)

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