are we about to be back #outside once we all take the rona vaccine?

the font of today is about ^this bad boy.
does it even need an introduction?
from all of my social timelines and folks i know,
everyone is speaking about all things rona vaccine.
they have started shipping it out to all 50 states via “cnn“…

Shipments of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine left a facility in Michigan early Sunday, the initial step in the most ambitious vaccination plan in U.S. history. The F.D.A. chief says the vaccine couldn’t have been authorized any sooner, rebutting President Trump.

The first doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine left a facility in Michigan early Sunday, with UPS and FedEx teaming up to ship them to all 50 states for distribution.

Trucks and cargo planes packed with the first of nearly three million doses of coronavirus vaccine fanned out across the country on Sunday as hospitals in all 50 states rushed to set up injection sites and their anxious workers tracked each shipment hour by hour.


we have been waiting for something to get this pandemic in control.
if folks can’t sit down,
we needed some kind of medicine to be released.
my thing is…

Do we trust it?

folks do realize they’ll be using this vaccine as leverage,
don’t think of going back into the office,
getting your checks,
or even going into an event,
without being checked to see if you took the vaccine.

one of my home-vixens said they’ll allegedly scan people to see if they are vaccinated.
that is worrisome for me and brings about a ton of conspiracy theories in my head.
so i had to ask the foxhole…

Are you gonna take the Rona vaccine if it’s offered to you?

article cc: cnn

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “are we about to be back #outside once we all take the rona vaccine?”

  1. Honestly I think this vaccine gonna have people as sick as the Rona!!! I really hate that the health care industry is not really about healing people, they only about the dollars… I also wish people were more informed about taking care of ourselves as well (more than the outside)…

      1. I mean quite a few hospitals systems that are not gonna force their staff to take it. They are gonna conduct their own research. I mean cause if it mess up their staff who gonna take care of the people when they get sick??? They don’t even trust it!! I understand people are dying I do, but this rushed (because we know these types of things take alot more time than a year) is gonna do some damage. Plus what’s this shit is “black people taking it first” ???? So emotional right now about this. I’m sorry.

  2. I feel confident and will be in line. I have lost loved ones to Corvid and can no longer deal with the stress of what this past year has brought . My personal “PROS” outweigh the CONS of taking nothing and risk becoming a fatality, or responsible for giving it to someone.

    With so many not taking it , I hope to move up in the line in receiving the necessary dosages.

  3. Yip I’m getting it ya can stay in house for 4 years if ya want help running out they not gonna pay ya to stay home forever your job and many jobs schools will require it you will have to at some point period

  4. I am fairly confident that I will be taking it at the first availability. I have to work and I’m tired of the worry. I have been getting tested regularly (negative) but it seems everyday someone closer to me gets it. My boss has it now. I will be watching for tales from those early adopters, though, since I don’t imagine I will be eligible until spring.

  5. These comments are so irresponsible and illogical. The people who are acting as if this is a cure when the antibodies only last 2 months top, what happens when you get symptoms despite taking it?

    This vaccine was rushed. I hope the people so ready to “get back to normal” are prepared for whatever comes with the unanticipated side effects. Life isn’t “going back to normal”. The fact that the world collectively refuses to adjust is why the pandemic has gotten as back as it has.

    1. as bad as it has*

      Just like we had to adjust to increased airport security because of 9/11, we have to adjust to this.

    2. I’m also concerned. I’ve read that after getting vaccinated you can still be contagious to other’s who have not received it. Also you will still have to take precautions to avoid getting another strain of the virus.

      My mother recently got a letter in the mail about wanting people in the neighborhood (primarily black) to be apart of a paid study about getting immunized. They will pay for all medical expenses related to taking the vaccine and follow you for only two months. That alone has me fearful since test studies are still being done.

  6. Most Americans either failed biology or they were busy making out in the bathroom during class.

    Viruses constantly mutate into different strains.

    You can’t fully vaccinate a virus.

    A vaccination will only protect an individual against the strain the individual is being vaccinated for.


    This shot is obviously something else that they want to test on the public. It never ceases to amaze me how pathetic the government thinks the public is.

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