tanksnlove does “wolf” with malik joseph (for the public?)

i’m gonna font a controversial statement.
here goes:

Some males are better giving penis than taking it.

*runs and hides*
i know that makes fur stands up,
but it’s true.
i hate when “wolves” decided to be “foxes” for the first time in flicks.
not every scene ever comes off like this.
( x see that scene here )
onlyfans star,
strikes me as that type.

as you know,
his “taking penis” video was kinda wack.
( x see it here )
he finally gave the penis to his boyfriend fwb co-star,
malik joseph,
in this latest video on onlyfans…


from how it looks,
they have great sexual chemistry
when tanks a wolf.
tanks look like he has been banging malik’s back out for a while now.
the day he decided to be a fox,
that might have been the first time.

i don’t think they ever did that before and it was painfully obvious.
malik looks familiar with that penis.
( x see here )
it seems tanks is trying to get comfortable in his hybrid life.
he should have started it in private so it came off natural for the public.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “tanksnlove does “wolf” with malik joseph (for the public?)”

      1. 🤣🤣 Scenarios like this is why the community tends to side-eye someone when they say they’re straight but have “not-so-straight” material. At least he’s living in his truth, as they say

    1. I see what you are saying but i soo hate labels if it helps him mentally to deal with his sexuality let him label himself whatever he wants to be labeled as if it helps him. This lifestyle can be tough to deal with at times and everybody aint as strong or courageous as me and you to proudly announce to the world that we’re gay or bi etc. He been struggling with it a lot lately on twitter to point where i thought he was suicidal from all his post about him dealing with depression. If he wants to say he’s straight so what let him say that as long as you get your issue behind closed doors who cares lol

  1. I don’t get why he’s so pressed to pretend to be straight u obviously are attracted to eachother … if u gon be bold enough to fuck him raw on camera why not be bold enough to say “we’re together and I’m happy” you’d get more respect

  2. Y’all still on the “hate labels” when this man is engaging in HOMOSEXUAL sex? He may not be a HOMOSEXUAL, but he is doing HOMOSEXUAL things. Sexuality is NOT fluid for everybody. That’s a covert “conversion therapy” thing people say.

    When a guy in his 30s says he’s starting to be attracted to men, “Oh, that’s normal, sexuality is fluid. It’s a spectrum”. I am GAY! Nothing fluid about me. Sexuality may be fluid for SOME, but it is NOT THE NORM! You are saying sexuality can just randomly change. Well then why don’t I randomly become attracted to women. I don’t have the luxury of bisexuals or pansexuals. And that’s okay. Acting as if EVERYONE is fluid is so demeaning. If that were the case, gays wouldn’t be living a lie, trying to be straight. Y’all want a gay man who won’t say he’s into guys. UGH. I don’t get why so many pretend to want anyone with any level of fame to ‘come out”.

    The ones who will still support are a small minority. Yes it’s bad to say homophobic things in the press, but homophobes didn’t die out. They still give the homophobic celebs their check.

      1. I don’t get to determine his. But he keeps saying he’s straight, but sleeping with men. You don’t have to label him, but you don’t get to label him as straight. The man is clearing struggling with his sexuality and that’s what turns gay men on. Because they want to believe that they can turn a straight man gay with the power of peen and bussy.

        Like I said y’all want a gay man who claims he’s straight so you can feel you did something. We claim gay is not a choice, but now straight men can pick and choose when to do gay sex? FOH

  3. Tanksnlove has to deal with his own sexuality. If he claims to straight norms he’s not the only one. Plenty of guys that are claiming to be straight will play the field. They just don’t want to be labeled. Every male has gay tendency, its only if they act upon it.

  4. Why are we even giving this creep any attention? He’s playing y’all like it hot and y’all are letting him. This Tank rat & Malik can all fall off of flat earth.

  5. I think it’s kind of hot to be bi-sexual/pansexual (blancowrldd does it pretty well) the problem with tanksnlove is that with all of the alleged drug use and other issues he just comes across as dusty right now. Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to completely judge, and covid-19 has been hard felt in many different aspects but I miss the old tanksnlove, right now he just looks like he needs a real good shower and a nice haircut

  6. Those two are the dirtiest, most underachieving-est motherfuckers ever posted to this blog. Both of them are walking around with what looks to be shit crumbs in their beards. I just can’t. Yo you’ve got to be down on your luck to pay for that shit!

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