rip tommy “tiny” lister (but we know him as “deebo”)

what is going on with this year?
tommy “tiny” lister is an icon because of his role as “deebo” in “friday“.
that role actually started him on the path of being “the scary negro” in movies/tv shows.
i haven’t seen him in a while,
but this isn’t the update that i wanted to hear.
he has passed away

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “rip tommy “tiny” lister (but we know him as “deebo”)”

  1. R.I.P Deebo…. the first movie I ever saw him in as the “crazy big nigga” character was Talking Dirty After Dark, since then that all knew him as, he’s really apart of my childhood

  2. R. I. P. King. Also, he was in Posse, one of the rare Black westerns with a twist, and so many other films.

    RIP to Natalie Desselle-Reid too.

  3. I just watched a Zoom interview he did with an interviewer name Brandon Jay 5 days before he died. He was struggling to speak,his breathing was labored.The video is on was hopeful about the future talking about his Christmas plans.It’s so sad 😔.

    RIP to him and to country singer Charlie Pride who died from complications from COVID today.

  4. A dying time this has been. I think he had covid a while back and his body never fully recovered from it, which happens to many. It’s scary out here at the moment. RIP Tommy.

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