Dwyane Wade Was A, What’s The Word, Hoe?

gabrielle-union-dwyane-wade-instagram-los-angeles-lakers-miami-heat-game-moto-jacket-b-brian-atwood-fortosa-leopard-bootiesdon’t let the clean pre baller wolf swagg fool ya,
dwyane wade is a dirty hoe.
well not dirty.
he is was a hoe tho.
well allegedly he had a baby while he was on a “break” with his new fiance,
gabrielle union.
i know!
us weekly has the tales of the charity semen…

Dwyane Wade reportedly fathered a son during a brief hiatus earlier this year from his now-fiancee Gabrielle Union, a source close to the couple told Entertainment Tonight on Monday, Dec. 30.

According to the show, the NBA player, 31, and the actress, 41, have worked through the issue “privately as a couple.” ET also reported that Union was aware of Wade’s child with the other woman (whom the Miami Heat player has allegedly known “for many years”) prior to getting engaged last week.

i would be sooooooooo TITE if i went on a “break” with my wolf and he go splash up raw in some hoe.
not only that,
but get the bitch PREGNANT.
2pozfup this engagement is starting out ( x messy ) already.
maybe they need to be on that “oprah and stedman” life partner plan?

lowkey: a “break” is usually the beginning of a “break up”.
maybe he thought gabby wasn’t coming back?
since he likes fashion so much,
ima need dwyane to invest in these:

Louis-Vuitton-cond_2133298a for his hoeing in style.

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Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade Was A, What’s The Word, Hoe?”

  1. He ain’t shit. You can examine their body language and see that she is into him more than he is into her.

    On the real tho, I don’t care cause I am not the one putting up with it lol. I just think Gabby could do better.

  2. This whole relationship is giving me one big FARCE, its nothing real about it. It is all for show and image like most of these high profile relationships. More and more it seems that these people in the public eye are the worst of the worst when it comes to how they live. Money and fame must give you a pass to do whatever you want in their world.

  3. It’s funny when you see peoples seeds being sewn then reaped. They flaunted their ill gotten romance all over the world and left a broken woman in their wake. While Gabby was digging a hole for Siovaugn to crawl in, she should have took measurements for her own. Like most women her “he won’t do me like he did her” mentally is clearly blowing up in her face. You cheated with him. You were the catalyst for him leaving his wife and now Karma dealt you a living, breathing reminder of his infidelity and character. Your a Hollywood actress who JUST got the ring only to he upstaged by a no-name side hoe who WILL be getting a piece of the Wade fortune before your last name changes. You wanted him, you most definitely got him. But who got you Gabby?

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