Chrissy Lampkin Does Viva Mugshot Glam

Christine_Lampkin_mug_shotchrissy lampkin,
star of chrissy and mr. jones,
is now the spokesperson for “too old for this shit” cosmetics.
she got into a beef this past weekend that left some chick in the hospital.
the cliff view pilot graced me with this craziness…

Chrissy_Lampkin_mugshotFiancée of hip hop star Jim Jones arrested in Edgewater bar brawl

Christine Lampkin, the fiancé of hip hop star Jim Jones, was arrested before dawn today by Edgewater police who said she sent a woman to the hospital with a punch in the face.

The brawl began inside Spirit Lounge on River Road and spilled into an entrance area around 2:30 a.m., Edgewater police said. TMZ said the victim needed stitches above her eye. READ MORE ….

you can take the girl out of harlem but…giphy-1isn’t chrissy someone grandmuvvah?
she is old enough to be.
there comes a time in life when you should STOP acting a hot ghetto mess.
i guess this is the only excitement for her since her show is a completely snoozer.
too bad this ratings boost won’t be part of that script.

lowkey: i guess the pro of the situation is she won?
*goes to sit in corner*

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4 thoughts on “Chrissy Lampkin Does Viva Mugshot Glam

  1. i agree with her being too old to act like a child BUT what if the woman got in her face and threatened her? maybe the woman tried her to make a name for herself, you never know since we weren’t there…but I’m not surprised about this and i know you aren’t neither, because Chrissy has a past life situated around things like this…and people like this will continue to remain relevant because folks continue to watch these tired, scripted reality shows…i hope she gets it together soon smh

  2. My supervisor is just like this, too old to act the way does. With age should come wisdom, but I guess that’s not for everyone.

  3. Nothing like a 50 year old letting you know she is about that life. I started out liking her when I first saw her but that quickly turned when I saw that she was just another hoodrat with a little money who is always ready to fight and act a damn fool. When is it enough, she is not going to learn until someone puts a bullet in her ass. She sets such a bad example not just for Black women for women period. She cant let that street life mentality go, but I wish she would.

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