Stephane Manga Wants A Vixen To Cum Thru

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 8.32.19 PMpre baller wolf for seton hall,
stephane manga,
wants a vixen to come over.
aww yeah you should go!
not only to bring back a dick report,
but he has netflix!…

i swear,
he reminds me of this straight wolf i use to know.
they kinda look alike,
same complexion,
and has that same kind of “not much going on upstairs” voice tone.
all i know is if you pointed him towards some vixen,
her panties were going to come off.
it never failed and i dunno how he did it.
i remember one time,
couple years back,
he managed to get his father’s friend’s niece to fuck him
…in my old car!
6QU61c9the antics.
i leave them alone for 15 minutes and she is riding him in my back seat.
like, what?
mind you this jackal that didn’t like me was trying to wife her.
well that was the part that did make me smile.
okay fine…
*goes to sit in corner again*

go see more stephane: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Stephane Manga Wants A Vixen To Cum Thru”

  1. I should have said this earlier when I saw this video. He talks like that because he has an under bite. Watch the video again and you will see it. That is why he never smiles with his teeth. Personally, I don’t care. He is really attractive, and seems like a cool ass dude, not to mention that he is goofy ass hell lol.

    I am trying to come through Stephane. What happens between us, stays between us.

    1. I can’t stand under bites, over bites, and gaps.Michael Strahan would be so much sexier if he closed that damn gap.

      Is the guy’s name a stage name?How does get the last name Manga?That’s what the Japanese call their comic-books.

      1. Nah man, features such as overbites and gaps really do not bother me that much. I must admit, Michael Strahan gap is too much for me. His shit is huge lol. Frank Ocean looked great before he closed his gap. I was slightly angered with his decision to close that joint tho. I guess he felt he did not measure up to the “gay standards.” Yea, I went there lol.

        I think that is his real name. Who cares about that, or his under bite? Homie can get it. If I were a plummer, I’d snake out his drain.

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