Out With The Old; In With The New Year

new year’s day is quickly approaching and your life is a hot mess.
you should be ashamed of yourself…

okay well not really.

t9urttever since i got back to ny,
i have been in a real positive mood.
blame it on the mood stabilizers.
just kiddin.
today was a pretty productive day for me.
i cleaned my entire apartment,
swept and mopped,
unpacked my suitcase,
went grocery shopping,
cleaned out my old emails/files on my computer,
donated a few clothes to the homeless,
and threw out a ton old useless shit i was hoarding.
i’m out of breath just typing the shit.
anyway i was reading that before new years day comes,
you need to be in a space,
physically and mentally,
that you will want to spend the rest of the year.
so if you are messy and got junk everywhere,
guess what your 2014 is going to be like?
so i think it’s time…
*looks over your shoulder*tumblr_ll1xmtLBUK1qg0t16…that you do something about that living area.
and quick!
before 12 midnight tomorrow!
do NOT do any cleaning/throwing away/laundry on new years.
you don’t want to bring old trash into your new year.
yeah don’t look at me like that.
i told you were starting fresh so hop to it!

lowkey: i have a job interview at another temp agency tomorrow.

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “Out With The Old; In With The New Year”

  1. Sending positive vibes for that interview tomorrow. The rejuvenation from your Florida trip should enable you to nail it…and just in time for the new year. All the best!

  2. Great advice as always J. Good luck with your job interview. You really have helped me get through this train wreck that has been 2013. I know great things are in store for you in the new year. Tomorrow night i’m gonna take a shot just for you….or two…or three…lol

    1. ^thanks man and uhhhhh….
      you will be right there with me to celebrate the good luck and fortune for the new year!
      the foxhole goes forth to discover new journeys and adventures!

  3. This is some good advice, I think I will clean up a little tomorrow. 2013 has tested my will, my patience and my very being, and truly showed me what I was made of. I am so looking forward to 2014 and hoping for a better fresh start. My first order of business is getting better and continuing to change my line of thinking.

    The post about attention whore Suraq or whatever his name is stirred something in me. It was some great comments in that thread. I will be the first to admit I am shallow when it comes to a good looking dude, but after doing a little soul searching I have decided to unfollow all these attention whores in 2014 who are so offended by their gay fans. I realize that I was taking up for them in my head getting mad at gay dudes for being so thirsty and not just appreciating a good looking man for who he was, I was like why do all these gay dudes have to do that and make these comments, then I thought about it, none of these str8 dudes would take up for me the same way and they would group me in the same box as the other gay dudes at the end of the day. It made me further realize that I still think its something wrong with being gay. If you dont want dudes hitting on you, stop taking pics and close your accts down. Thanking Random and others in that thread for opening my eyes to some things, I am a work in progress but I am trying.

    Another thing I am doing in 2014 is reevaluating friendships, this has been hard to let go certain people, but you fool yourself when you know that some people really dont have your back and you continue to make excuses for them because you have been knowing them a long time. Out with the old as they say. If I got to be by myself so be it, I will not continue to support friendships that mean me no good. I already cut a few people out and its more to come.

    I want to wish everyone in the Foxhole a very Happy 2014 lets put it in overdrive and ride to the top. Its only going to get better. Peace and Blessings to all…….

    1. ^love this t!!!
      110 is how im feeling about this comment!

      i really want everyone to start 2014 with me on a fresh start.
      especially those whose 2013 put them through it.
      my emails today all got erased by accident,
      but i had to wonder if it was really an accident or is god reseting my life for better to come?
      i was harboring a lot of old emails just for memory purposes,
      including star fox’s death pictures and the one i received when i was let go from my last job,
      but they are now all gone.
      i didn’t want to let go of anything.
      i was hoarding them and for what?
      to relive pain?
      i can say in all honesty without a doubt,
      i am ready and willing to start completely over.
      shit i already did,
      i just needed to catch up.

  4. yes love this my mother used to always say that start the year off fresh…thanks for sharing and GOD BLESS in your endeavors…name and claim that job in GOD’S NAME!!!

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