Colonel Cinco Saves Harlem Some Chicken


So he is Captain Save a Ex Ho (all love Evs)…
and knows how to spend money on food?
Where has he been all my life?

Chad Ochocinco made 200 people very happy – and, presumably, very full – Monday night when he extended a very generous invitation to his Twitter followers.

“Dinner in NY tonight,” Tweeted the New England Patriots wide receiver – and model ( wait… model? they tried it. ) Evelyn Lozada’s fiancé, 34. “1st 200 people at Sylvia’s Restaurant by 7 pm in Harlem. Leave ya money/credit cards at home. I got you this time.”

About a half-hour before 7 p.m., the popular Harlem soul-food eatery posted a photo of the fans crowding outside.

“The line for @ochocinco is wrapping around the corner!!” the restaurant Tweeted.

On the menu: “We served our most popular items,” Tren’ness Woods-Black (granddaughter of Sylvia Woods, the restaurant’s namesake) told New York magazine. “Barbecue ribs, fried chicken, mac and cheese, corn bread, iced tea, cocktails.”

Ochocinco’s guests topped off their meal with red velvet cupcakes from Cake Man Raven Confectionery – and one last, not-so-edible gift.

“Now I’ve 200 new friends, even better 200 new friends have my phone number,” he wrote. “Now that sh–is #Epic or #Crazy.”

To Motorola, he added, “please excuse the increase in traffic to my device.”

So has his phone stopped ringing? “Only 13 people have texted me,” he Tweeted. “That’s rhino droppings!!! I gave you my number to use it.”

Source: People


 All I want to know is where the HELL was I?
This is what I get for being somewhere.
I could of had dinner.
Although, I would have had a Wolf to stand in that line for me.

Jamari don’t do lines. 

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Colonel Cinco Saves Harlem Some Chicken”

  1. I have to pay more attention to his tweets from now on; that’s pretty cool. I admit he has a…”healthy” ego, but he doesn’t seem to always take himself too seriously. I’d give him some d*ck – his personality makes him sexy to me

  2. How nice that’s very robin hoodish of them. He fed atleast 200 people with some of his money instead of using it on himself. This is why I live him… Sometimes

      1. He told he he needs to f^ck when on the road. So, if Ev is not there, someone else is getting the super soaker.

  3. O really now!..lmao..I live right around the corner from sylvias on 128th street between lenox av. And adam clayton powell and I did not know this was going down..I would have been all over it, and got his number to boot..and I deffiently would have used it..lmao that is one sexy ass

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