Beyonce Is A Bad Girl ( And She Needs To Be Punished)

tumblr_my50f8aeic1qc5i9so1_500so b is trying this “not picture perfect” by having a little fun.
well she had a private party for the release of her super successful self titled album,
at dave and busters in new york.
i got my invite,
but due to me being in florida…
well, you know.
she did something strange at this particular party.
you ready for it?
she took shots.
with a fan.
well her people have been pulling the video down left and right,
just like the time when she fell on stage many moons ago,
but i got the video before olivia pope tells me take it down…

that’s it?

charles-bronson-SMH-Gifhow dare she take shots at her own party?
what a whore.
beyonce and her people need to lighten up.
i’m glad to see her having a good time and letting her weave down.
cheers b!
here is a bonus clip of“tipsy b”:

this is the most human and candid she has looked in…
well, ever?
i love it.
i was beginning to think she turned off at night and was stored in a hypo chamber.

video found: deactivatedfatgirl

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Beyonce Is A Bad Girl ( And She Needs To Be Punished)”

  1. I think sometimes you can hurt yourself by trying to be too perfect, taking down things like this gives your haters ammo to attack you as a robot and fake as many have said. Leave it alone, you are a grown woman and are allowed to have some fun. No matter if you like her or not, she has not been on drugs, been arrested, acting out or crazy in public, having meltdowns. She always carries herself like a lady in public,people can identify with you when you have candid off scripted moments, you cant control everything in life. I actually feel a little sorry that she is judge harshly for everything she does from her performances, her music, her public and private life. It must be hell to live like that.

    P.S.Very nice gesture to give out those gift cards, she blessed many people with that small simple kind gesture. I applaud her for that. I wish more celebs would do this all over the country.

  2. Love seeing my homegirl Bey a little “turnt up”
    Target won’t sell CD so Bey showed up @ Walmart and gave away $37,500 in $50 gift cards

  3. I am super disappointed in her. Bey how could you? I am just playing lol. Beyonce has as much of fun as the next person. Get over it people.

    1. ^yeah i don’t get it either blaq.
      the video looked pretty innocent.
      was she throwing back swamp rum?
      was the fan underage?
      i’m confused why they want it taken down.
      with the picture from the superbowl and the fall at her tour,
      her people always run to take things down when it puts her in a “bad/embarrassing” light.

      1. From what I’m hearing, her new album seems to be trying to break that light or at least experimenting.Her people need to lighten up.We know she’s private person but everybody drinks.Not all but most.We know she at least shits once a week.We know she ain’t perfect.Neither are we.It’s good to see celebrities act like they’re humans and not Gods among us.

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