Attack of the Six-Foot-Five Eighteen Year Old

tumblr_mhzgl6567H1qk5j8to1_1280well hello there…
i saw this picture and had to find out who this was.
all that meat could meet my walls at full force.
with a lead,
i tracked him down and well…

everyone meet robert nkemdiche.

lives in atlanta.
defensive end.
high school junior of the year.
one of the highest touted recruits.
“soon to be” pre baller wolf headed to ole miss.

…not to mention a big ol mountain of meat.
his voice isn’t bad either:

tumblr_lvkb60ExKk1r7ys57o1_500fine as hell.
why didn’t they look like this in my high school?
not much he can do for me.
i like them a lot older with more ducats.
maybe he has a sexier successful older brother?

lowkey: i wonder what its like to mess with someone that tall and built?

i may need to try it one day.
i do like a wolf who can pick me up with no issue.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Attack of the Six-Foot-Five Eighteen Year Old”

  1. Yeah 18 is a bit young for my roster but he is truly a nice piece of eye candy, enough to give you a sweet tooth. He can hit me up in bout 5 years after he has perfected his stroke lol; there is a gazillion pictures of this piece on the internet SMH #wipemedown

  2. He does have an older brother. Story on signing day was that he wanted to go to Alabama but his mother wanted him to go to O’Miss where his brother attends.

      1. His older brother is U.D. His english govt name is Denzel Nkemdiche … Yo and y’all have no filter though.. SMH lol I din’t tell u all that tho….

  3. Are you serious, this ninja is only 18, him and LeBron James must have the same daddy, because they are the manliest 18yr olds I have ever seen, talk about a overload of testosterone. He is gonna tear some po lil white girl cheerleading coochie up.

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