Adrienne Bailon Gets Exposed… For Something Quite Obvious.

camel2adrienne bailon always struck me as trying to hard.
she never comes off like it just “happens”.
maybe her face always gives it away or something.
who are her people?
where are her friends?
why is her mama not interested?
her former publicist,
jonathan jaxson,
spilled the alleged beans on her “trying to hard” games.
the following should not be a shocker…

Disney darling turned D-lister Adrienne Bailon saw her career plummet after nude photos of her were leaked, and her former publicist claims it was all her fault — because she was the one behind the leak.

In a new excerpt from Jonathan Jaxson‘s upcoming tell-all bookDon’t You Know Who I Am Yet? obtained exclusively by, Jaxson claims that the Cheetah Girl dreamed up the whole debacle.

Back in 2008, when Adrienne was dating Rob Kardashian, she “wanted to become as famous as the top socialites she knew at the time and asked for my help,” he wrote.

“She was a very sweet girl that desperately wanted out of the kid-focused Disney star-making machine. So we had concocted a plan where we would act like her laptop was stolen at the airport in New York and she was concerned because there were nude photos on there.”

Unbeknownst to Jaxson, he claims, Adrienne then took things a step further by actually releasing X-rated shots. And when she tried to blame him for the photos getting released, he showed Disney the emails proving she was in on it all along.

“After they saw the evidence, she was released from her Disney contract,” he wrote. “And her musical group, Cheetah Girls, was promptly removed from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade because of the scandal.”

Almost five years later, he’s revealing her involvement, he says, because, “Most people don’t realize that the stars often go along with, or as in this case, even suggest the publicity stunt.”


in other news,
i found out water is actually wet.
i always thought she and the other one suffered from karma.
ain’t that right naturi?

Naturi Naughton Visits fuse Studio3lw had potential and they just f’d that up.
always remember…
the feet you step on today will be the ass you kiss tomorrow.

lowkey: what happened to working on your craft?
taking it slow to build?
not everyone is meant to be “the star”.
no matter how hard they try,
it’s just not meant to be.
OR you have to pay your dues before your big break?
who told her naked pictures would make her famous?
especially those bland sephia shots?

x see shots

sily rabbit.
she always needs to be in a group.
she is not a star.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Adrienne Bailon Gets Exposed… For Something Quite Obvious.”

  1. Damn. The beans just spilled onto the floor. I believe it, they all do this shit. I look at all these celebs and their publicly stunts, breakdowns, and scandals. I just shake my head at them all. You couldn’t pay me enough to be a celeb nowadays. I wonder how most of them are when no one is watching?

  2. Why are some people that desperate at stardom though?
    In actuality they have very few celebrities who have the “gift”…

  3. Just shows you have to watch how you treat ppl, because Natauri is the most relevant if them all today and is an ACTUAL LEGIT WORKING actress. Cus u know everybody is an actor today but don’t have jobs to back it up

  4. Not everyone is meant to cross over from a child star to full blown actress and not many do, they should have rode that Cheetah girls train until it fell off and been concerned about investing their money to ensure they can live comfortably without a care in the world.

  5. Isn’t he supposedly to be focused on his baby mama Emily? Does he even produce albums? Im sorry she’s very beautiful but once you hook up with a Kardashian idk no one wants you anymore.

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