Dez Bryant Likes His Cake and Ice Cream From Different Colleges

tumblr_me8832kF0N1rkfyxlo1_1280life must be great for dez bryant, huh?
he has a problem.
… or does he?
dez has 2 vixens he is giving the pipe too.
he and that same pipe traveled to their college graduations,
where they uploaded pictures of him cheatin’ on instagram.
i swear instagram is the devil

I’m not sure if Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys knows but he has definitely been caught and thanks to Instagram, we now see there are two women who claim the wide receiver as their man. First there’s Briana of Dallas, TX. She’s a University of North Texas alum. On May 13th, maybe about a week ago, she posted photos of her and Bryant together.


Now meet Ilyne. She posted a photo of her and Dez with the caption:

“I’ve seen this man get drafted… Awarded…& honored..through the good and the bad he’s been an inspiration and supported me through my journey now I’ve had the opportunity to share my accomplishment with him. #blessed”

dez4the whole buffet:


allegedly both girls know about each other and are happy to share.

tumblr_inline_mge42n2Lnq1qfrlmuwell then its a win win for dez, huh?
shit i’d share too.
i feel once you get some of that chocolate inside you…
it’s hard to quit cold turkey.
would you really want to turn this down?

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 6.24.15 PMtumblr_mlsg3x6Uxh1rkfyxlo2_500lowkey: i’m glad to know they are both degree carrying vixens.
brains so good you know they went to college….

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “Dez Bryant Likes His Cake and Ice Cream From Different Colleges”

  1. That chocolate stick must be something else! Dez is fine and his cakes are nice and round! I wouldn’t give him up either, but I would do what it takes to make him make me his one and only!!!

  2. He’s not that fine to be sharing. I’ve seen tons of men that could be a dead ringer for him.

    The girl from Dallas is way badder than the other chick.

  3. I ain’t sharing no man. They aren’t happy sharing him. These are black women we are talking about lol.

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