1. MindBlown

    This is exactly why I don’t do anal sex too much work just to get laid. It’s like you’re preparing for the Olympics too much. Plus, I eat a lot just b/c I have a fast metabolism I am slim (6′ 1″ at 155 lbs). I can eat something and be hungry 30 minutes later. I would rather just stick to mutual masturbation and blowjobs you get the same outcome.

    • ^am i the only one who gets off to a good dry humpin session?
      i know.
      “wow that sounds like a high school sleep over!”
      but my hole stays in tact and you get the same kind of friction.

      *hides from tomato*

      • MindBlown

        Absolutely not done the right way it can be far more intimate, especially when it involves more kissing, more rubbings of the hands on the body, heavy breathing an feeling his breath hit you body can definitely do it for you.

        Also, not trying to sound ignorant just do not have experience with this, but as you get older wouldn’t you just innately become more prone to painting the kids. I guess what I’m trying to say is that eventually you just have to close up shop b/c once you hit 50 (maybe that’s too young) you really have little control over your bowels.

      • The Man

        So the older I get, I will likely have to get a young dude because the men who around my age will not be able to hold their bowels? Aw damn, I have never thought about that. So if I am 55 and I’m with a dude who is 53, it might be a chance he might shit on me. That is a hurt piece for real. Shit, when I get that old I might not be even fucking dudes.

      • Old Head

        No, Jamari, you’re not the only one who loves dry humping or frottage. I love it. In fact, I consider the rolling around, caressing, some wrestling can be fun, too, and is a win-win due to the friction on erogenous places, to be the real lovemaking. The oral and intercourse are just components of the repertory and not necessary each and every occurance. If my partner just lies there doing nothing, my dick will go limp. I’m turned on by an aggressive fox, at least one who’s animated. It’s why hybrids and other wolves can be fun. They bring out my heightened aggressiveness.

  2. The Man

    If I was a Fox, I probably wouldn’t be able to do it. I eating anything and everything, all the time. This is TMI, but I shit like six days a week lol. My shit comes down like kids sliding down a slide. I would never keep a man.

  3. Old Head

    To Mindblown and The Man, I don’t know what older dudes you guys know, but I don’t have any lack of control issues, lol. But, I’m not getting banged out, either.

    • The Man

      Right, I was about to say, you ain’t no Fox or Hybrid. Plus, you have to believe that it is hard to control your bowels when you are getting banged out with a 8 or 9 inch pole.

  4. Tyson

    lol. I’m glad I don’t have to experience this or at least not yet. I’m still a virgin. :)
    I eat anything and everything so you would have to give me a 24hr notice. lol. I do believe that it’s very nerve wrecking though…

  5. Old Head

    A couple more things, Jamari and everybody else: dispense with that white rice and go with brown rice; it’s much better for you with the nutrients and fiber. Also, if one is eating right, getting all the fiber from fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and drinking plenty of water, one should be having at least a couple of healthy bowel movements a day. One reason we have so much colon cancer in this country is due to the American diet. Colon cancer is almost non-existent in Africa and places in Asia where they don’t consume the amount of meat Americans do. Sadly, black American men have the highest rates of anyone. Yes, white men and other Americans eat meat, too; but, I think our rates are so high because a lot of brothers do not go to the doctor to get regular checkups and many don’t have health insurance. (Thank goodness, Obamacare is going to be a big help here by covering these additional health screenings for free. Problem is I know middle class brothers with
    fabulous health insurance who don’t use it! Guess it’s that crazy macho thing. And, though we’re talking about the colon, the same thing applies to the prostate. Brothers don’t want the doctor sticking that finger up there; so, by the time anything creates a problem, it’s so far gone that we die from prostate cancer more than anybody else. I apologize for going on like this. The funny thing is I happened to be critiquing and editing my intern’s article on colorectal cancer, and I just love us so much I want us to be around and healthy which means more foxes for interaction:).

  6. Keyon

    this is a lot of work, i am not giving up eating for a day for a few minutes of pipe… Surprisingly Ive never ‘painted’ on anyone, and ive had sex after eating lol…

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