Would You Put That Soft Slimey Thing In Your Mouth?

tumblr_lkq4jdouuc1qatzgco1_500they say you have to kiss enough frogs before you meet your prince.
can i get a rough estimate?
well on a totally different topic,
and side of the world,
people in japan are eating live frogs as sushi

…and they still may not get a prince.
i tried to incorporate it somehow.
so i had to ask:

Would you eat a live frog for a prince?

tumblr_lks1uzQ5ff1qdax50o1_500if yes,
i’ll get the salt and butter!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Would You Put That Soft Slimey Thing In Your Mouth?

  1. Thats sick and kinda barbaric to eat something while its moving and watching themselves be eaten alive….

  2. Oh dammnn. I couldn’t even making it through the first 20 secods of the video. When that knife went into him I was done lol. How could someone eat a live frog?

  3. I try not to judge, but that was just plain ole evil. I am biased though, being that I’m a vegan. But still… to allow to be the cause of suffering like that is just horrible. Oakay, I’m done preaching.

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