MEAT: (347)

um morning fox…
what do you want for breakfast?…


tumblr_mnnbrcDdsz1rnnb31o1_1280if you choose “ipad wolf”,
you gotta tie his tie for work.
well that is after you have him for breakfast…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “MEAT: (347)

  1. Good Luck today, the foxhole is here for you Jay. I would take the first one. I’d show him my research *smirks*

  2. the first guy is BEYOND sexy and you could get it…BUT i have to chose ipad wolf…his body in that damn shirt *sigh* he’s sexy like that WITH clothes on can you imagine hime without them lol… just made me have some crazy thoughts i’d serve him well EVERY morning before he went to work, hell he looks like marriage material not to mention with me going to school to become a physician he could help me study my chemistry homework lol..sorry just thinking haha i LOVE this damn blog…Jamari you are the BEST!!!!..

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